All artifact locations in Metroid Prime Remastered

Fulfil the promise of the Chozo.

Towards the end of Metroid Prime Remastered, you’ll find that you need to break the seal on an ancient Chozo temple in order to make your way to the final areas of the game. The keys to that lock are twelve Chozo Artifacts scattered across Tallon IV, and they’re not easy to find. To get all of them, you’ll need a fully souped-up Samus and to know the geography of the game pretty well. Here’s how to get your hands on them.

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How to find all Chozo Artifacts in Metroid Prime Remastered

Tallon Overworld

Artifact of Truth

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The Artifact of Truth is likely to be the first one you come across. All you need to access it is the Missiles, as the Chozo Artifact Temple is situated just off the Landing Site in Tallon Overworld where you first arrive on the planet. Make your way down to the lower level and you’ll find the Artifact sitting in the center of the temple, just waiting to be picked up. If for some reason you’re deciding to stop reading the guide right here, make sure to scan the totems surrounding it for some clues on where to find some of the other artifacts.

Artifact of Chozo

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You’ll need the Ice Beam and the Power Bombs to get into the Life Grove, situated at the top of the Great Tree Hall. This is where you find the X-Ray Visor, but it hides another secret as well. Flipping on your new Visor will reveal a much larger area outside of the little shrine where you found your newest upgrade, so set off a Power Bomb to gain access to it. Before you start climbing your way out of the grove, make your way to a small pool of water nearby — you can use a Bomb at the bottom to blow up a small metal cover and reveal a Boost Ball Spinner. Activate it to raise a platform which houses the Artifact of Chozo.

Chozo Ruins

Artifact of Wild

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Make your way back to the Sunchamber, where you originally fought Flaahgra in order to cleanse the waters of the Chozo Ruins. It’s only accessible via the Sun Tower this time around, so you’ll need the Super Missiles to reveal two of the emblems you need to scan to open the gate and the Spider Ball to climb the magnetic track leading to the top of the tower. Once you make it to the Sunchamber, you’ll need to fight three Chozo Ghosts. These difficult enemies can only be hurt with the Power Beam and Super Missiles, but if you have the X-Ray Visor you can track their whereabouts over the course of the fight. Once they’re all defeated, the Artifact of Wild will reveal itself in the middle of the giant central flower.

Artifact of Lifegiver

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You’ll need the Gravity Suit to access this artifact, so go fetch it from Phendrana Drifts if you don’t have it yet. Once you do, make your way to the Tower of Light, accessed via a Spider Ball track in the Ruined Shrine. The very top of this tower hides a powerful Beam Combo upgrade, but if you jump in the water at the bottom you can work your way to a Wave Beam door that will take you into the Meditation Chamber. Here lies the Artifact of Lifegiver.

Artifact of World

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You’ll need to wait until pretty late in the game to grab this artifact, as you’ll need the Plasma Beam to access it. Once you’ve cleared out the Hall of the Elders of Chozo Ghosts, you’ll see three Bomb Slots light up behind the central statue — purple, white, and red. Fire the Plasma Beam at the red slot to activate it, then make your way up there and drop a Morph Ball Bomb inside to reveal a secret Ice Beam door underneath the statue. Make your way through to find the Artifact of World.

Magmoor Caverns

Artifact of Strength

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You can grab this artifact in Magmoor Caverns as soon as you get the Space Jump Boots, giving you the ability to double jump. After entering the Monitor Station from the Phendrana Drifts North elevator, double jump up to a platform on your right, which will give you access to the upper levels of the room. On top of the station, use the Boost Ball Spinner device to extend a bridge, which will give you just enough room to jump across to the platforms on the wall. Hop up to the door leading to the Warrior Shrine, which houses the Artifact of Strength in the hands of a Chozo Statue.

Artifact of Nature

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You can reveal the Artifact of Nature pretty early on if you know what to look for, though collecting it is a little trickier. In the Lava Lake room in Magmoor Caverns, fire two missiles or a Super Missile at the central pillar in the larger chamber to shatter it and reveal the artifact. However, getting across to the central platform requires the Space Jump Boots, so you’ll need to wait until you get those to actually grab this one.

Phendrana Drifts

Artifact of Spirit

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In the towering room known as Phendrana’s Edge, near the top, use the X-Ray Visor to reveal a hidden Plasma Beam door behind a false wall. Use a Power Bomb to destroy it, then head inside to find the Artifact of Spirit.

Artifact of Elder

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Sensibly, this is one of the artifacts that has a corresponding hint from its totem in the Artifact Temple, because it’s otherwise a surprisingly obtuse task to get your hands on it. Above the East Tower in the Control Tower in the Phendrana Space Pirate base, destroy some crates to reveal an icy window that can be destroyed with the Plasma Beam. Then, fire a missile at the base of the tower to cause it to collapse and reveal a convenient hole that you can roll into with the Morph Ball. Inside, you’ll find the Artifact of Elder. You’ll need to continue rolling up the length of the tower to get out, because you won’t be able to jump back up the way you came in.

Artifact of Sun

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You’ll get your first tantalizing glimpses of the way to this artifact en route to the Wave Beam in the Chapel of the Elders. In the Chozo Ice Temple, you’ll find a grand statue of a Chozo with wings spread and a shard of ice held in its hands. Come back much later on with the Plasma Beam and melt the ice, then jump into the statue’s hands in Morph Ball form. This will open a tunnel below, which leads to the Artifact of Sun.

Phazon Mines

Artifact of Warrior

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As the name suggests, the Artifact of Warrior requires a fight to acquire. Once you’ve picked up the Power Bombs in the Phazon Mines, head back to Elite Research and set one off near the container in the center of the room. This will release the Phazon Elite, a powerful version of the Elite Pirates — and a unique scan, if you’re going for 100%. Super Missiles are your best friend in this fight, though make sure to hold off on firing them when he’s absorbing energy — otherwise, you’ll just waste the missiles. Once you’ve conquered the Phazon Elite, pick up the Artifact of Warrior from his remains.

Artifact of Newborn

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The Artifact of Newborn is likely to be the final artifact you acquire in the game, if only because it requires the Phazon Suit from the Omega Pirate fight to get without severely injuring yourself. Head for the Phazon Mining Tunnel on the bottom level of the Phazon Mines. Over towards the right-hand side of the Morph Ball maze, you’ll see a tunnel coated with Phazon. Roll on into it, destroying the rocks with bombs as you go, and you’ll eventually find the Artifact of Newborn, the last of twelve. Now take all those artifacts to the Temple and give Meta Ridley a good kicking.

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