All audio log locations in Warship Gbraakon in Halo Infinite

Video didn’t kill these audio logs.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Audio logs are a type of collectible in Halo Infinite. These items give bits of story about the past and are interesting to pick up if you want to know more about the story. There are three different types of audio logs; UNSC, Banished, and Spartan. There are two UNSC and one Banished audio logs that you can unlock during the Warship Gbraakon mission. Here is where you can find all the audio logs in Warship Gbraakon in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first audio log is given to you as part of the mission. At the beginning of the mission, you will receive the audio log, which is unavoidable. The second audio log comes later on. Progress through the mission until you reach the elevator. It will be the first elevator that you see. At the top of the elevator, the UNSC audio log will be right in front of you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Later on in the mission, you will reach the helm of the ship. You will get a cutscene when you enter this area. After you finish off the several brutes in the area, look to the right of where you came in. Go to the corner on the right side near the door you came in from. You will find the Banished audio log in the corner surrounded by multiple weapons.