All Back 4 Blood trophies and achievements

There are 55 achievements and 56 trophies.

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is releasing worldwide on October 12 to Xbox, Windows, PlayStation, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, and with that release comes plenty of brand new achievements and trophies to unlock. Xbox and Windows share a list of 55 achievements, while PlayStation will have an identical list of 55 trophies, plus a platinum. 

The list has yet to be revealed for Steam, though it should be out by release. The Epic Games Store is rolling out a brand new achievement system next week, so Back 4 Blood may not have Epic Games Store achievements at launch, but we’ll hopefully see some get added down the line. In all likelihood, Steam’s list will mirror Xbox’s list, while Epic Games’ will match PlayStation’s due to their similar platinum system.

Below is the complete list of achievements and trophies for the title, descriptions, Gamerscore values for Xbox, and trophy tiers for PlayStation. There are no secret achievements or hidden trophies.

Achievement/TrophyDescriptionGamerscoreTrophy Tier
All Cleaned UpEarn all other Trophies in Back 4 Blood.N/APlatinum
Welcome to the ApocalypseGood luck out there, you’re gunna need it.10GBronze
Paid the TollComplete The Devil’s Return15GBronze
This Round’s On MeComplete Search and Rescue15GBronze
Breakfast Can WaitComplete The Dark Before the Dawn15GBronze
Enemy of MineComplete Blue Dog Hollow15GBronze
Act 1 RecruitComplete all Act 1 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher30GBronze
Act 1 VeteranComplete all Act 1 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher30GBronze
Act 1 CleanerComplete all Act 1 maps on Nightmare difficulty30GBronze
Bob’s Your UncleComplete The Armory15GBronze
Complete Plan BComplete Plan B15GBronze
Of Biblical ProportionsComplete Job 10:2215GBronze
Act 2 RecruitComplete all Act 2 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher30GBronze
Act 2 VeteranComplete all Act 2 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher30GBronze
Act 2 CleanerComplete all Act 2 maps on Nightmare difficulty30GBronze
Don’t You Eat My NeighbourComplete Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood15GBronze
Paved With Good IntestinesComplete Remnants15GBronze
Act 3 RecruitComplete all Act 3 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher30GBronze
Act 3 VeteranComplete all Act 3 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher30GBronze
Act 3 CleanerComplete all act 3 maps on Nightmare difficulty30GBronze
Act 4 RecruitComplete Act 4 on Recruit difficulty or higher30GGold
Act 4 VeteranComplete Act 4 on Veteran difficulty or higher30GGold
Act 4 CleanerComplete Act 4 on Nightmare difficulty30GGold
Snitches Get StitchesKill a Snitch without it alerting the horde15GBronze
Good Riddence!Kill 53,600 Ridden over your career15GBronze
BreakfestKill a Breaker after removing all of its armor15GBronze
Jugger-notMake a Breaker hurt itself15GBronze
Brute ForceKill an Ogre with the howitzer15GBronze
No Time for a NapRevive a fallen teammate15GBronze
Hippocrates Would be ProudHeal a teammate15GBronze
Share the LoadDrop some ammo for a teammate15GBronze
Don’t Ask…Rescue a teammate from a cocoon15GBronze
Cleanup CrewComplete a mission without any players being incapacitated or killed15GBronze
Expanding the ArsenalSpend your first Supply Point15GBronze
Grateful EightComplete a mission with each Cleaner15GBronze
Squad UpForm a party in Fort Hope15GBronze
Apocalypse PacifistComplete a map without any players on the team killing a single Ridden15GBronze
Dead QuietComplete a map without ever triggering a horde from Reekers, Birds, Snitches, or alarms15GBronze
Stacked DeckHave at least 25 cards in play at once15GBronze
Jukebox HeroDefend the jukebox in Bar Room Blitz without it breaking15GBronze
NemesisSafely descend the ladder in the construction zone in Resurgence15GBronze
SwarmedWin a game in Swarm Mode15GBronze
Brought a Knife to a GunfightComplete a level while getting at least 50 kills with melee weapons15GBronze
SmörgåsbordKill at least one of each non-boss Mutation15GBronze
Down, But Not OutKill 15 enemies while downed15GBronze
A Humerus WeaponKill 10 Ridden with Bob’s Arm15GBronze
Port Man Toe?Find the secret in The Devil’s Return15GBronze
Bell HopFind the secret in Search & Rescue15GBronze
Pallet CleanserFind the secret in The Dark Before the Dawn15GBronze
Easily MistFind the secret in Blue Dog Hollow15GBronze
Cooped UpFind the secret in The Armory15GBronze
Dangerous To Go AloneFind the secret in Plan B15GBronze
CryptozoologistFind the secret in Job 10:2215GBronze
Night of the Living HedgeFind the secret in Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood15GBronze
Extra CreditFind the secret in Remnants15GBronze
Mind Your StepFind the secret in The Abomination15GBronze