All boards in Mario Party Superstars

These classics are making their way back.

Image via Nintendo

Mario Party Superstars looks back on the beginning games in the long-running series’ history and picks out some of the most memorable boards and mini-games to be featured. While it may be odd that only the Nintendo 64 games are exclusively being celebrated here, it is great to see Nintendo acknowledging how much those early games are still adored by kids that grew up with them. Five boards may not be many, but playing updated versions of these locations will be tons of fun and be one of the best party games to come out in 2021. Here are all of the boards returning in Mario Party Superstars.

Peach’s Birthday Cake

Image via Nintendo

Peach’s Birthday Cake was one of the maps included in the very first Mario Party game. Players roll their dice on top of a pink cake and traverse in a circular motion around the spaces. This is one of the smallest boards to come out on the Nintendo 64 games, so you will cover a lot of ground quickly, and there is quite a bit of an RNG factor, as you would expect in Mario Party. It appears, though, that the development team has altered it to make it a better experience.

Initially, before you could purchase a star, you had to plant a seed in the cake. The plant that sprouted up would let you know if you could go see Toad or Bowser. If you got Toad, you could buy a star, but you were forced into losing 20 coins if you got Bowser. The early look at the board seems to show more of a player choice path, but we will update this post when we know more about how it plays.

Space Land

Image via Nintendo

Space Land is one of the most popular boards to play from Mario Party 2. You traverse a giant space station with many pathways. In the center of the map, a countdown will lower by one number every time a player passes over it. When it reaches zero, Bowser will fire a beam across the path in front of his gun that will take away all coins from any player in its way. Additionally, if you land on a question mark space, you will be chased by a Thwomp speeding around the area in his car. If a player pays to have the police force patrol the area, anyone running from the vehicle will be chased further away.

These are the only two boards revealed as of this writing. We will update this article when we know more as we draw closer to the release date.