All Caliban abilities in Warframe

A Sentient reborn.

Image via Digital Extremes

Caliban is an upcoming Warframe that will be added to the game with the New War update on December 15. This bisected Warframe is part Sentient, harnessing the power of the invading enemies and turning it against them.

At the moment, we do not know how Caliban will be obtained, although the chances of his being a quest Warframe from the New War campaign are high. We will update this guide as more information becomes available.

Caliban Abilities


Allies within Affinity Range gain increased resistance to the types of damage they are currently taking.

Razor Gyre

Become a spinning vortex of death. Hold Fire to accelerate the maelstrom, increasing damage, then target an enemy to dash toward them. Hitting enemies inflicted with Sentient Wrath creates a destructive blast.

Sentient Wrath

Smash the ground sending out a wave of destruction. Those not killed by the initial blast are helplessly lifted into the air where they continue to suffer damage for a short time.

Lethal Progeny

Call on Caliban’s Sentient aspect to produce up to three Conculyst comrades to fight by his side, and repair shields when not in combat.

Fusion Strike

Converge three streams of raw energy upon a single point, causing a massive reactive blast. The fallout from the blast will strip the armor from all enemies that touch it.