All Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific modes, explained

Understanding which modes allow all weapons and which will be around for a limited-time.

Image via Activision

Despite the name change, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s modes are not a major departure from what was seen in the original battle royale. Teams of players will still be fighting for a victory while being allowed a second chance through the famed Gulag portion. However, there is a great number of additions to the gameplay mechanics and a whole lot of new rules you must know in order to win.

Like with Verdansk, players should expect there to be only a select few modes that will stick around for the long haul, as others will be limited-time and subbed out for different modes mid-season. Here’s every mode that is in Warzone Pacific.

Vanguard Royale

Aside from the new map, what also gives the battle royale’s name purpose is the Vanguard Royale game mode. This portion is solely-dedicated to the style of combat seen in World War II. That means that players will be limited to only Vanguard weapons, as the game will stop players from choosing loadouts that include weapons from previous titles. However, it will be the exclusive home to flyable fighter planes and other 1940’s vehicles.

It is also confirmed that the times for when the circle collapses will vary compared to other modes in the game. Although this change hasn’t been seen quite yet, it is hinted that this element will alter the pace of each match. Speaking of circle collapses, Warzone Pacific introduces unique in-game events each time a new circle is formed. For instance, some may see random bombing runs drop from above when entering a new circle or, if they’re lucky, more weapons spawning nearby.

For a limited time, optional variations of the mode will be featured in each season of Warzone Pacific. Vanguard Plunder and Vanguard Resurgence are amongst these, with each taking place on Caldera and also restricting users to World War II weapons.

Caldera Battle Royale

Expected to be the most played of the bunch, Caldera Battle Royale’s format resembles the classic Warzone feel. In sum, players are permitted to use weapons and operators from Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare. Although, the mode won’t feature Vanguard Royale’s dogfighting and World War II vehicles. Luckily, the Gulag has returned once more and players who survive it will spawn back in with their designated Gulag loadout.

A major variation from the original Warzone, those desiring to buy a loadout cannot do so until one free loadout drop has been rewarded. Similar to playing on Verdansk, free loadout drops will happen at different times for all squads — giving some teams a major advantage if theirs is rewarded sooner.

Caldera Plunder

Caldera Plunder is the closest one will get to having Team Deathmatch in Warzone Pacific. The objective-based mode will challenge players to collect one million dollars in cash to win the match. As obtaining this amount can be difficult, players need to loot several buildings around Caldera as well as accept any and all contracts that are lying around.

Better yet, players do not need to partake in the Gulag to maintain survival. Instead, those who are eliminated will have to wait just 15 seconds to spawn back into the map. Although killstreaks are confirmed to return in the mode, it isn’t understood if it will only include Vanguard killstreaks.

Rebirth Island modes

Rebirth Island and its dedicated map is returning in Warzone Pacific, but will not be the permanent fixture it once was. As usual, it offers either the Resurgence and Mini Royale game types, each allowing only 40 players per match. The major difference between the two is that Resurgence lets downed players drop back into a game if any of their teammates have not been eliminated, as Mini Royale does not feature this.

Rebirth Island’s modes will be offered for a limited time throughout each of Warzone Pacific’s seasons, expected to be substituted in and out for Vanguard Royale Resurgence and Vanguard Royale Plunder.

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