All Callouts for Dust2 in CS:GO

Learn all the names and callouts on Dust2.

Image via Valve

One of the best-known maps in CS:GO and rightfully considered an icon of the game, Dust2 is the quintessential bomb defusal map. The map has been a part of the original game all the way since 2001. It has been remade for modern Counter-Strike and then changed and retextured a few times over the years, as recently as 2021. With so much tradition behind it, it is almost mandatory for every player to be familiar with default callouts for this map, especially when planning how to use your utility. Follow our guide to learn all Callouts for Dust2 and what they represent.

Image by DoubleXP

T Spawn (aka T Base)

As the name suggests, this is the area of the map where the Terrorist team spawns.

T Ramp

This is the stairway ramp that leads down from T Spawn to outside B Tunnels. The term refers only to the stairs part, while the platform beyond is called T Platform.

T Platform (aka T Plat, Football)

This is the raised platform that leads from T Spawn to outside B Tunnels, bordering T Ramp.

Outside Tunnels (aka Outer Tunnels)

The broad, open area just outside of B Tunnels when approaching them from T Spawn and down T Ramp.

Upper Tunnels

One of the two sections of B Tunnels. It starts from the entrance to B Tunnels from T Spawn, and ends at the chokepoint corridor that leads to the B bombsite.

Lower Tunnels

One of the two sections of B Tunnels. It starts from the stairs going down from Upper Tunnels into the corridor connecting the Tunnels to Mid.

B Close (aka Close Left)

This is not a hard-coded callout, and is more of an action-oriented one. It refers to the hiding spot in the corner on the left after exiting Tunnels onto B site.

B Closet (aka Cupboard, Cubby)

This is the corner of B Site, behind the B Car to the right of the Tunnels; or to the left of B Doors.

B Car (aka Car)

This refers to the car on the B Site that is often used for cover. It is located to the right of Tunnels and to the left of B Doors. Not to be confused with B Closet, which is located further behind the car.


This refers to the fenced-off wall along the B Site, which provides a hiding spot that is all but invisible from the Tunnels perspective.

B Platform (aka B Plat)

This is the wider area of the B bombsite, positioned next to the default position where the bomb can be planted. It is the area that is directly opposite from the Tunnels exit.

Back Boxes (aka Back Plat)

This is the area at the back of B Plat. What separates them is that Back Boxes are harder to see from the bombsite, with cover of their own, so, therefore, requiring a different callout.

Big Box (aka B XBox)

This callout is for the box on B site that resembles the Xbox from Mid, between B Platform and the bombsite.

Double Stack (aka Double Boxes)

This callout refers to the stack of two boxes on top of each other in the middle of the B bombsite, and slightly behind Big Box.

B Default (aka B Plant, B Default Plant)

This is where the bomb is planted on the B Site. It’s positioned just below B Window, diagonally right from Tunnels exit, and to the right from B Doors.

B Window (aka Window, Perch)

This is a hole on the right side of the wall separating CT Mid from the B site. From the B side, there are several boxes under it that can be used to climb up through the hole.

B Back Site (aka B Default Back)

This is the back side of the B bombsite, determined when looking from the Tunnels exit. It usually refers to the area behind all of the boxes on B default, and not counting the two Plat areas.

B Doors (aka B Gate)

The slightly ajar double doors that lead to the B site from CT Mid.

B Boxes

Refers to the boxes used as cover or vantage point positioned along the wall between CT Mid and B Doors.

Scaffolding (aka Scaffold, Construction)

This refers to the construction area outside of B Window from the CT Mid side. It can be used for cover or climbed onto.

CT Mid (aka Mid to B, Truck)

This area broadly refers to the space between B Site, Mid and CT Spawn, connected through the Mid Doors. It’s sometimes called Truck due to the large truck parked in the back area of this space.

Mid Doors (aka Mid Gate)

The slightly ajar double doors connecting Mid and CT Mid.

Close Mid Doors (aka Mid Door Niche, Hiko)

The corner hiding place to the right of Mid Doors after you enter from Mid. It is sometimes also called Hiko, after the pro player who managed to do a famous shot from this position.


A group of boxes in Mid near Mid Doors, often used to cross from Mid or Lower Tunnels to Catwalk and A Short.

Mid (aka Middle)

An area that falls in the middle of the map, it refers to the slope that extends from Mid Doors to Top Mid.

Pole (aka Palm)

The telephone pole that’s located near the Top Mid next to Catwalk. Also called Palm by older players, as the pole used to be a palm tree once.

Right Side Mid (aka Top Right Mid)

Looking from Mid Doors up towards T spawn, this area represents a niche on the right side from the CT perspective.

Top Mid (aka Top Middle, Street)

Looking from Mid Doors up towards T Spawn, this area is at the highest point and to the left. It falls between Mid, Suicide, and Outside Long, but before Catwalk.

Suicide (aka Suicide Lane, Suicide Alley)

The pit and narrow corridor that can be jumped down to from T Spawn to access Top Mid. It falls directly into sight of Mid Doors, and has gotten its name from being a direct sniper-duel ground between the two teams.

Outside Long (aka Outer Long)

This is the broad space outside of Long Doors from the T Spawn side of the map. It connects T Spawn and Long Doors with A Long.

Long Doors (aka Long Gate)

Unlike other Doors on the map, this callout refers to two sets of doors and their passage that connects Outer Long and A Long.

Blue (aka Blue Crate, Long Crate)

This callout is for the large, blue-colored shipping crate that’s positioned opposite from A Long Doors.

Side Pit (aka Long Side Plat)

This is the platformed side area between A Long Doors, Pit, and A Long.


The downward sloped area at the far end of A Long. It faces directly opposite to the A Site Default, while providing cover due to the slope.

Pit Plat (aka Pit Platform)

The platform to the left side of Pit if you’re looking from the A site position.

A Long (aka Long)

This is a long, slightly narrow street connecting the Long Doors and Pit to the A Bombsite.

Long Corner (aka Corner)

This is the callout for the corner cover of the building closest to Long Doors. It is commonly used for cover by both sides.

A Car (aka Car)

The car on the right side of A Long when looking from Pit or Long Doors. It is often used as cover to watch either A Short or A Long.

A Cross (aka Cross)

This is the open area that separates A Long, CT Spawn, and A Site. Called that because it’s exposed from all angles, so has to be crossed quickly.

A Ramp

The sloped ramp that leads up from A Cross to A Bombsite.

A Default (aka A Plant, A Default Plant)

The bomb plant spot on A Site. It’s positioned on an elevated platform, with boxes that can be used for cover, looking towards A Long, Cross, and A Short.


The set of barrels that provide cover when looking from A Site and A Ramp towards A Long.


The slightly pulled back corner behind A Site and Barrels. It gets its name from the image of a goose spray-painted on the wall.

Elevator (aka A Climb)

Callout for the inner corner of the A Site Platform, closest to the side of CT Spawn below. Named that because CTs on retake can often boost up a teammate from this position.

Short Boost (aka A Boost)

The set of dumpsters and crates outside of CT Spawn on the A side. These can be used by CTs to boost onto A Short.

A Platform (aka A Plat)

The broad platform area that’s side by side with A site planting position. Generally speaking, this callout refers to the space between A Bombsite and A Short.

A Ninja (aka Ninja)

A hiding place located behind boxes on the A Short side of the A site.

A Short (aka Short)

This is the walkway that connects Catwalk to the A bombsite, from A Stairs to A Platform.

Stairs (aka Short Stairs)

This refers to the stairs that connect Catwalk with A Short.

Catwalk (aka Cat)

The elevated walkway on the side of Mid that leads onto the A Site through A Short. The callout is for the narrow area between Top Mid and Stairs.

CT Spawn (aka CT Base)

Technically located under A Short, this is the starting area where CTs spawn.