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All chapter 2 Artifact locations in Trek to Yomi

This is for all you completionists.

Whether you’re a completionist or just really into lore, Trek to Yomi has a series of collectibles for you it calls Artifacts. Each chapter has a different set of Artifacts that exist to communicate lore to players that want to seek them out.

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Our guide below will help you find all six artifacts in Trek to Yomi’s second chapter.

All Trek to Yomi chapter 2 Artifact locations

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The first collectible, the Discarded Kami Carving, can be acquired quite early on in the chapter. You’ll receive a tutorial prompt referencing finishers, followed by a fight with a single enemy. Two screens after this fight, you’ll come across a shrine. In your peripheral vision, you may have noticed a creature scurrying along the bottom of the screen toward the right. Follow this creature, which takes you to a dead end. The Discarded Kami Carving is on this screen opposite to the tree stump, which housed a bo-shuriken refill.

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You’ll soon find yourself inside a miniature cave system, followed by a room inside the cave housing a group of enemies holding a civilian hostage. After taking care of these foes, you’ll take a wooden elevator shaft up one level. From here, move to the north away from the camera. At the end of this path, you can push a pillar, creating a walkway to the otherwise inaccessible ledge to your left. After pushing the pillar down, walk across it, then pick up the Crude Tekko from the crates at the end of the ledge.

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Nearly immediately after exiting the cave, you’ll fight two foes atop a log acting as a bridge over a deep chasm. Once you move to the next screen, head left through the arch. At the end of this path, you’ll notice a stone carving of some monkeys partially hidden behind a waterfall. Walk up to the wall and interact with it to unlock The Three Monkeys lore entry/collectible.

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During the chapter, you’ll encounter a burning village which you are tasked with saving. You’ll need to push a cart sitting across from a shrine in order to progress past this section of the game. On the next screen, you can climb the ladder to your right to continue along your trek. Ignore this for now and interact with the set of legs across from the ladder to unlock the EMA.

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Just after making it past the burning series of buildings you had to climb into, you’ll end up outside again. After fighting a few enemies on top of a bridge over a body of water, the next screen contains a fork in the road. Toward your right, there’s a conveniently placed path across some stationary boats. Instead, take the path to the left, where you’ll find a shrine and more injured civilians. Enter the house at the end of this screen and the Lost Love Letter is impossible to miss. It is on top of the table in front of the civilian writhing in pain.

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Near the end of the chapter, a lightning strike will cause a huge tree to come crashing down. After this, you’ll fight through a wave of enemies before being introduced to Fury collectibles. This first Fury collectible gives you the ability to perform a double sided block or parry. Just past this area, you’ll come to a shrine where the road forks. Instead of continuing to the right, head in the direction of the player camera. The Mori Shoi is on top of a tree stump by the right edge of this screen.

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