How to do a finisher in Trek to Yomi

Finish your fights with style.

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In Trek to Yomi, you’re constantly engaged in stylish swordplay. While most of your foes are likely to fall in a hit or two, some of the armored fighters are a little more resilient. If you’re going up against an armored foe, you’ll have to stun them first, and then end the fight with a stylish finisher to finish them off. Here’s how to perform these killer moves.

Firstly, it should be noted that finishers can’t be performed on lower-tier enemies. They die too quickly, so don’t worry about them. You can perform finishers on armored enemies, which you’ll first encounter in chapter 2. To stun them, hit them with the “Stunning Combination” combo. There are other techniques you can unlock throughout the game that will stun foes, but this is the first one you’ll learn.

Stunning combination combo listed in the menu
Screenshot by DoubleXP

Once your foe is stunned, hold down the right shoulder button (RB on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation, R on Switch) and Hiroki will perform a random finisher. These finishers are all pretty brutal and can range from simple backstabs to full-on decapitations. If you perform 50 total finishers throughout the game, you’ll earn the Bloodlust achievement.

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Of course, trying to set up finishers can be a little risky, as armored foes are pretty powerful as well. We recommend trying to stun them shortly after you parry them, as they’ll be staggered for a brief moment, opening them up for an attack. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you save your game right before taking one on, otherwise, you might end up having to replay entire sections of the game all over again if you die.

HIroki finishing off an enemy
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