All Chapter 2: Economics 101 Crossroad Choices in As Dusk Falls

Which path will you take?

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As Dusk Falls is a game that will be shaped by your performance while doing quick time events and your decisions in crucial situations. How many people end the story alive, and in what condition will rely on these choices. Here are all the potential crossroad choices you can see in Chapter 2: Economics 101 in As Dusk Falls.

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As Dusk Falls Chapter 2: Economics 101 crossroad choices

Who is holding the gun?

Coming into the second chapter of As Dusk Falls, a few things can change depending on your choices in the first chapter. You can begin this chapter with Tyler holding the gun, Vince holding the gun, or Michelle being shot.

Who goes into the back room?

From there, the story always plays out into Vince going into the backroom. The only changing situation here is whether Michelle or Tyler will go with you.

Run for the doors or stay hidden, and who is exchanged?

After the cops invade the motel, we have our first big decision, to run for the doors or stay hidden. If you run for the doors, Michelle will be shot and needs immediate medical attention, or she will die. If she is shot, you can later choose to let her go free or Zoe. If she is not shot, Jim will be knocked out, and he or Zoe can be let free. If you choose Jim, you can forgive him or not.

Vince and Michelle’s fight

During a flashback to a couple of days earlier, Vince will read a text message from Michelle’s phone and find out that she has been seeing a work colleague. You can either believe her at face value that she is not cheating on him or keep pushing her until she admits she has been sleeping with Bruce.

From there, the fight can go two ways, your discussion choices can resolve it peacefully, or things can heat up. You can end the flashback reconnected with Michelle, walk out on her and never resolve it, forgive her, or choose not to forgive her. Regardless of your decision here, you will have a chance to choose if their marriage lives or dies if Michelle is taken to the hospital.

Save Vince and Michelle’s marriage?

If you end up letting Michelle go to the hospital, you then have an opportunity to decide the fate of her and Vince’s marriage. They can save their marriage or end up getting a divorce for her cheating on him.

Warn Dale or not

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When Dale takes Vince as a human shield out to talk to Dante, a sniper will have its sights set on him. If you choose to warn him, both of you will run back to the motel. Dale will later die during a shootout in chapter three.

If you do not warn him, Dale will be shot dead right there, and Dante will force you to go back into the motel. Tyler will then kill Joyce.

Throughout these decisions, you will have the potential for the following groups of Vince’s family to be in the motel at the end of the chapter:

  • Vince, Jim, and Zoe
  • Vince, Michelle, and Zoe
  • Vince, Jim, and injured Michelle
  • Vince, Michelle, and injured Jim