All character baggage in HuniePop 2

The difficulty can ramp up with these gameplay modifiers.

HuniePop 2

Image via HuniePot

As you talk to characters more in the lead up to dates in HuniePop 2, they will reveal more about themselves. This can come in the form of character traits to get to know the character more, or questions that, when answered correctly, can result in reward seeds from that character’s preferred affection type that you then use in the store to buy gifts.

These are usually discovered when the character asks you a scenario-based question, or if it prompts you to ask a question, and can raise the amount of affection that you can gain during the game for the characters that you have got to know better. However, there will be occasions when you will hear something unique from the character relating to their character that will expose their baggage. 

The baggage system is a difficulty modifier during the match-three puzzle element of HuniePop 2, where you will have an imposed condition on your gameplay. This will manifest differently depending on which characters you are on a double date, and both characters can have baggage active at a time. It can affect any number of things, including how players react to certain matched types, stamina and even using gifts during dates. Some are more difficult to play with than others.

In normal mode, you will only have one baggage to deal with, but in Incel mode, the game’s hard difficulty setting, you will face all of them at the same time. Here is all the baggage for each character in HuniePop 2.


Self-EffacingAbia will refuse to accept date gifts unless her date has already received one before her.
One **** ChumpA four-of-a-kind match directed at Abia will cause her to ****** half of her Sentiment (Cyan token). Sentiment matches are excluded.
S** AddictAbia will absorb all S**xuality (Red token) matches and she’ll consume a random S**uality token every time a move is made on her.


Easily BoredTwo consecutive moves that include the same type of match will cost an extra Move. Moves with multiple matches excluded
Commitment IssuesIf you stay focused on Ashley for four consecutive moves, she’ll become uncomfortable and matches directed at her will be negative.
AllergiesAshely won’t allow any Flower or Candle gifts, unless she is exhausted or upset, because of her allergies.


Gold DiggerBrooke will take one Move for herself whenever her date receives a date gift, unless she’s exhausted or upset.
Expensive TastesBrooke won’t allow any Plushie or Souvenir date gifts, unless she’s exhausted or upset, because she views them as cheap.
UnsentimentalBrooke’s sentimentality will reduce the amount of Sentiment (Cyan) tokens that fall by 20% for the duration of the date.


Intellectually ChallengedBig moves on Candace won’t use extra Stamina, but will cost an extra Move for her to figure out.
ForgetfulThere’s a 5% chance that Candace will forget about a date gift that either she or her date have received, removing its passive effects.
HypersensitiveIf Candace becomes upset, she’ll drain 30% Passion from both herself and her date.


EmphysemaThere’s a 20% chance that Jessie will fail to recover Stamina when a move is made on her date. 
DepressionA deep depression will cause Jessie to shed one Sentiment (Cyan token) after every five moves.
Busted *****Jessie won’t feel S**uality (Red token) matches at all unless they are at least 4-of-a-kind+.


Low Self-EsteemAffection matches directed at Lailani that include a POWER token won’t yield any Affection, unless it’s a Romance (Orange token) match. 
Old FashionedFor the first 15 moves of the date, S**uality (Red token) matches directed at Lailani will cause her to become upset.
SheepishLailani won’t allow any Hygiene or S** Toy date gifts, unless she’s exhausted or upset, because it’s too embarrassing.


The DarknessThe effects of Passion (Pink) tokens and Broken Heart (Purple) tokens are reversed for Lillian.
AsthmaMoves on Lillian that include multiple matches or a four-of-a-kind+ match will cause her to lose an additional one Stamina.
Teen AngstJoy (Bell token) matches directed at Lillian will subtract Moves instead of adding them.


Miss IndependentLola will refuse to accept gifts unless she has at least 30% Passion.
Caffeine JunkieLola’s caffeine addiction will cause her to absorb Stamina (Gray token) matches, unless she’s exhausted or upset.
Busy ScheduleLola will shorten the date due to time constraints by taking an additional one move after every 10 moves.


Abandonment IssuesAny time your focus is turned away from Nora, she’ll drain 5% of the current earned affection for the date.
Emotionally GuardedDoubles the amount of Broken Hearts (Purple) tokens that fall, but Nora will be immune to Broken Heart matches.
VindictiveIf Nora becomes upset she’ll throw away one date gift each that she and her date have received, removing their passive effects.


Drama QueenIf Polly becomes upset she’ll drain four Sentiment (Cyan token) from both herself and her date.
JealousyPolly will drain 5% of the total Affection Goal for the date any time her date received a date gift, unless she’s exhausted or upset.
Brand LoyalistPolly won’t allow any Jewelry or Cosmetic date gifts, unless she’s exhausted or upset, because he doesn’t like off-brand products.


Annoying as ****There’s a 15% chance that Sarah will leave behind a Broken Heart (Purple) token whenever a match is directed at her.
Attention *****There’s a 15% chance that Sarah will steal your focus away from her date right before a move is made, unless she’s exhausted or upset.
Smelly *****A fishy aroma emanating from Sarah will reduce the amount of Passion (Pink) tokens that fall by 20% for the duration of the date.


TinnitusA constant ringing in Zoey’s ears will prevent any Joy (Bell) tokens from falling while your focus is on here.
AquaphobicThe Effects of Sentiment (Cyan) tokens and Broken Heart (Purple) tokens are reversed for Zoey.
Kinda CrazyA random row of tokens on the grid will shatter every time a move is made on Zoey.