All characters in Marvel Future Revolution Tier List

Kickstart your heroic journey with the best character.

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Marvel Future Revolution is an Open World RPG available on mobile devices. The game’s main objective is to explore the vast world, take on quests, and unravel different secrets. Although a short roster, there are heroes present that will help players progress in the game. As you start with only one character at the begining of the game, we’ve compiled a list ranking every character.

S Tier

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  • Doctor Strange
  • Iron Man

Both these characters boast insane damage output and are very efficient to play. Doctor Strange’s kit is easiest to execute, and his AoE damage can clear hoards of enemies in a short burst. On the other hand, Iron Man scales super well into the end game and is excellent for PvE content. He doesn’t need a proper setup and is self-reliant.

A Tier

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  • Black Widow
  • Captain America

Much like the two S tier characters, Black Widow packs a lot of damage in her kit. However, she excels at single target DPS and is a bit tricky to use. Captain America is the only defence oriented character in the game, which makes him very unique to play. The higher his defence is, the more damage he deals.

B Tier

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  • Spider-Man
  • Captain Marvel
  • Storm

Most of the characters in this tier are either hard to execute or lack damage. Spider-Man has a tough kit that requires a lot of practice and a decent amount of experience. However, he is good for the story mode of the game. Storm is very similar to Doctor Strange and has a lot of AoE damage in her kit. That said, Storm lacks any mobility and is very easy to lockdown. Captain Marvel is a jack of all trades and does everything but excels at no single aspect.

C Tier

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  • Star-Lord

The major downside of playing Star-Lord is getting used to his quirky playstyle. Unlike most characters in the game, Star-Lord has mediocre damage and heavily relies on his debuff mechanics to clear quests. He is very slow at clearing quests and can struggle against high tier bosses and raids. That said, players with a firm grasp of his kit can make use of him.