All class categories in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

These heroes are in a class of their own.

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The Xenoblade series has featured distinct class systems from game to game, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is no different. All of this game’s classes fall into three distinct roles. These classes can be customized, and each of your six party members can learn and become any class you want them to be. This guide will detail all classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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All Attacker Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This combat role is about dealing damage as efficiently as possible. All Attacker classes recharge their Talent Art from landing critical hits or inflicting enemies with status effects.

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Noah and Sena start as Attacker classes. They are the best choices to learn and take advantage of for all the classes under the Attacker role.

  • Flash Fencer: This is a class focused on agility and critical attacks. This class fights with dual swords and has very few defensive abilities.
  • Full Metal Jaguar: This class is a direct callback to Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X. This class uses dual pistols and energy drones to deal damage to large groups of enemies at once.
  • Incursor: This class is rather unique, as it evolves based on the number of critical hits landed during battle. Use gear and gems that boost critical hit chance to maximize this class’s full potential.
  • Machine Assassin: This class is all about breaking down enemy defenses with several debuff Arts. Once their defenses are lowered, it uses twin axes to deal heavy damage in one blow.
  • Martial Artist: The Martial Artist is by far the flashiest fighter in this game. This style utilizes hands and feet to deal a lot of damage in a flurry of attacks. Build this class with dexterity and agility to optimize how strong the Martial Artist can become.
  • Ogre: This class wields a large two-handed hammer. This weapon is powerful, punctures enemy defenses, and features unblockable area of effect attacks. This is Sena’s default class.
  • Seraph: This class is a risky one to use unless you have a dedicated healer standing by. The Seraph has Arts that grow in strength while you’re taking damage. The more hurt you are, the stronger this class can become.
  • Soulhacker: This is a special class with abilities, unlike any other Attacker specialization. This class relies on fighting styles and Arts stolen from other enemies during combat.
  • Stalker: The Stalker is an archer with a focus on evasion and stealth. This class requires some setup to use effectively. A Stalker is fragile compared to other long-range damage dealers.
  • Sword Fighter: This class features a large two-handed sword. This is a balanced class with an equal focus on offense and defense. This is Noah’s default class.
  • Yumsmith: This class specializes in targeting enemy weak points and uses debuffs. This advanced class is only recommended once you fully grasp advanced combat mechanics.

All Healer Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Healer role provides group healing and buffs that augment defensive capabilities. This role is also the only one capable of reviving fallen allies during battle.

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Eunie and Taion are the starting Healers and best suited for advanced Healer specializations.

  • Medic Gunner: This is Eunie’s starting class. A good class for healing and buffing allies in a large area.
  • Signifer: This class is focused on buffs that augment damage rather than outright healing. Bring another dedicated healer if you decide to use a Signifer in your party.
  • Strategos: This is a hybrid healer and damage dealer. This class uses dual guns to weaken enemies while healing allies caught in the crossfire.
  • Tactician: This is Taion’s starting class. This is a jack of all trades healer, capable of healing and buffs in equal measure.
  • Thaumaturge: This class focuses on healing allies while dealing damage to enemies. The more potent the attack, the more health this class gives to its allies.
  • Troubadour: This class focuses on increasing allies’ attack speed and damage. This is a great class to pair with slow Attacker classes such as the Ogre.
  • War Medic: This is the most powerful healer class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Capable of burst heals and constant regeneration during combat.

All Defender Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Defenders are on the front lines of every fight. This class specializes in generating aggro and keeping enemies away from damage dealers and healers.

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Lanz and Mio are the starting Defender characters on the team. They can fully take advantage of the following subclasses better than the rest.

  • Guardian Commander: The Guardian is a class that grows in strength the more damage they block.
  • Heavy Guard: This is Lanz’s starting class. An all-around tank capable of dealing damage while blocking simultaneously.
  • Lone Exile: This Defender class deals damage based on how many enemies target them. A risky class that needs strong healing support to use effectively.
  • Lost Vanguard: This class wields a colossal mace and does area of effect damage while mitigating the damage their allies receive.
  • Zephyr: This class draws aggro and then relies on heavy evasion to mitigate damage. A tough class to use as a solo tank. Bring a stout Defender such as the Heavy Guard to supplement them in battle.

To unlock the other classes, you must recruit heroes outside the six starting classes. Each hero uses a unique class, and recruiting that hero will allow your party members to learn it for themselves. Make sure to find and recruit every hero possible to unlock all of the classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.