All classes in Lost Ark

From swords to cannons to rock and roll, find your perfect playstyle.

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One of Lost Ark’s marquee features is its in-depth class system, which allows players to customize their abilities in three tiers. Players start by choosing from one of the five base classes, then specializing into an advanced class, and then by choosing ability customization within that class. Here’s a rundown of all the classes on offer.


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Warriors are the melee-using main tanks of Lost Ark. Though they have some ability to inflict damage using their massive weapons and buffs, their real strength is being able to survive in the frontlines and shrug off blows.

  • Berserkers have much higher damage output than other warrior specializations and are particularly adept at clearing out crowds with explosive attacks that depend on perfect positioning and timing.
  • Paladins are flexible, with access to offensive, defensive, and supportive skills to fill whatever role the party needs. They are particularly unstoppable in seeking out perfect positioning, using Flash Slash to get into the thick of a crowd, and then following up by using a perfectly timed Execution of Justice to avoid damage and then defeat the enemies around them.
  • Gunlancers boast the best defense of any characters in all of Lost Ark, making them ideal as the primary tank of a party while using their unique Gunlance weapons. Their kit has many tricks which take time to master, such as an artillery unit that hits a specified location repeatedly, a hook that pulls enemies into place, and a shield that protects allies from damage and debuffs.

Martial Artist

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Martial Artists turn their body into a weapon, delivering massive damage at close range with elaborate combos and perfect positioning.

  • Wardancers supplement their attacks with elemental augmentations, allowing them to bypass the defenses of even the hardiest foes. The enhancements on their abilities make them especially effective at destroying large groups.
  • Scrappers keep up the fight with sustained combos, mobility, and durability that allows them to mop up seemingly endless mobs of opponents with ease. Many of their abilities have knockback or other crowd control effects, making them effective tanks or secondary tanks.
  • Soulfists switch between melee and ranged combat, laying the finishing touches on weakened or stunned enemies. Their mobility, knockup, and ranged abilities give them the license to develop creative setups and combos that will overcome their foes.


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Gunslingers step into the thick of combat, disrupting opponents and dealing massive damage to a single target. Effective Gunners are able to eliminate the most dangerous foes before they get a chance to strike.

  • Artillerists carry the heaviest weapons of any character, using cannons, flamethrowers, and machine guns to mow down large crowds. They have heavier armor than other gunners and have the best AOE damage of any character.
  • Deadeye using a handgun, shotgun, and rifle in tandem, deadeyes use a combo-driven playstyle to deal maximum DPS with a high risk, high reward playstyle that requires them to control the battlefield using AOE attacks and perfectly timed strikes.
  • Sharpshooters have the longest range of any characters, using stealthy attacks and versatile abilities to influence the battlefield from afar with wit and cunning.


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Mages use a range of spells and abilities to control the battlefield, making them strategic masters who can bend the world to their will from afar with powerful AOE abilities.

  • Bards are the perfect supports, mixing buffs that strengthen their allies with debuffs that weaken their foes. They are able to stun opponents and make them vulnerable to critical hits, making them particularly effective when paired with Assassins and Gunners.
  • Summoners create allies to dominate the battlefield with powerful AOE damage and crowd control abilities. Summoners excel in many situations and almost always have the right tool for the job.


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Assassins play a high-octane adrenaline-fueled game of quick strikes at close range, using twin blades to cut down targets. They have the highest damage output of any class in the game, but they are also the most vulnerable themselves.

  • Shadowhunters dive into the thick of combat, carefully weaving between strikes and draining the life from their foes with their swords. This class is suited for fast-paced, ruthless playstyles that want to constantly be dealing damage at any cost.
  • Deathblades use unique weapons and abilities, setting up crowds from afar and then transforming to quickly dispatch the weakened foes. Despite its unique playstyle, this class is excellent for beginners because of its versatility and mobility.