All collectible locations in Chapter 1 of Tell Me Why

You can figure it out.

Tell Me Why

Screengrab via Microsoft Game Studios

Warning, this guide contains potential story spoilers for the game.

Throughout your adventure in Delos Crossing, Alaska in Tell Me Why, you will find a number of hand-crafted figurines that soon become familiar to you as you unravel more about the past of the game’s two main protagonists, Tyler and Alyson. 

They act as the game’s collectibles, and each comes with a little tidbit of information that is great for story context and character depth. There are some collectibles that are hidden in plain sight, but not all of them are that easy to find. Some will require some searching throughout levels, while others are only accessible during limited sections.

While it’s encouraged to explore the level to find them yourself, we are on hand to guide anyone that thinks they might have missed something.

Here are the locations of all five collectables in Chapter 1 of Tell Me Why.

Item 1: The Crafty Goblin

In the game’s second scene, Long Time No See, where Tyler is looking around his Fireweed apartment for the final time, head over to his desk and you will be able to spot a figurine on a shoebox on his desk. Inspect it to find The Crafty Goblin.

Item 2: The Mad Hunter

In the Big Wooden House section of the chapter, continue progressing through the level until you are underneath the house, surrounded by beams and trash. Follow the path around until you come to the first T-junction. Alyson will instruct you to go left, but if you turn right and head into the little cubby section, you will see the figure of The Mad Hunter on the floor that you can examine and collect it.

Item 3: The Wise Princess

Another one found in the Big Wooden House level, continue your progress through it until you have reached Mary-Ann’s room. You will need to open the door to the room first, but once inside, head to the right side of the bed and the figurine will be on the floor next to the small set of drawers.

Item 4: The Pious Pelican

On the first trip to the town’s store in Rashomon, progress until you are able to enter the store’s office area. Once here, there is a filing cabinet that you can open. Inside of it will be a file and the pelican figure for you to examine. Hover over it to and examine pick it up for your collection.

Item 5: The Ice King

The final collectible of the chapter can be found in the game’s final playable section for this part of the game. This is in To Serve and Protect, and is set in the police station. To find the Ice King, progress through the story until you experience a memory of the twins in the interrogation room. It should open up for you after it, and the figure will be in the corner to the back right of the room.