All collectible locations in Chapter 2 of Tell Me Why

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Tell Me Why

Image via Microsoft Games Studios

Warning, this guide contains potential story spoilers for the game.

As you reach the second chapter of Tell Me Why, more of the game’s figurines will be available for the twin protagonists Tyler and Alyson to hunt down throughout the levels. 

Discovering more of Delos Crossing’s underbelly, there are another five figurines to find in chapter 2 scattered throughout the game’s levels. Some require a little more effort compared to chapter 1, so we’re here to help you find them.

Here are all five of the collectible figurines in chapter 2 of Tell Me Why.

Item 1: The Big Frog

In the first section of the chapter, Ahoy Goblins! while back at the twins’ house in Delos Crossing, if you head over to the table in the lounge area, on the right side, a prompt will appear that offers you the opportunity to look underneath it. On the underside of the table, you will find the Big Frog stuck on it upside down. 

Item 2: The Stalwart Reindeer

As you head back to the police station in Cold Case, the twins will eventually makes their way to the upper floor of the police station, and into Uncle Eddie’s office. In here, if you head to his desk, you will find that in the draw on the left side of it is the Stalwart Reindeer available to take.

Item 3: The Mangy Muskrat

Back to the store in Plushy Fight! as you will need to progress until you have access to the storage room at the back of the floor, where Michael is waiting for you. In the break area and next to the fridge is a brown cabinet. On here, you will find the Mangy Muskrat for you to examine and collect. 

Item 4: The Very Old Beaver

In the Last Rites section, as you are progressing through the graveyard and witnessing the memories of the twins, you will encounter a memory at the grave of Carol Brown. Behind her tombstone, you will find a small box that accompanies her, and inside will be the figurine. You can miss this quite easily if you don’t check fully behind it, so make sure to move in view of the back of the gravestone.

Item 5: The Moon Hag

On the chapter’s final section, Scorched Earth, after the opening sequence, the twins will inspect the barn for damage. If you head into the storage room, where you found the screwdriver in chapter 1, the cupboard in the corner of the room will host the Moon Hag figurine for you to pick up.