All collectible locations in Chapter 3 of Tell Me Why

The final set.

Tell Me Why, Tyler

Image via Microsoft Game Studios

Warning, this guide contains potential story spoilers for the game.

As you begin to reach the conclusion of the game’s story, there are a final few figurines that are available for players to find. The chapter actually lasts about the same as the first two chapters, but there are only three available here.

If you’ve been paying attention to the figurines that you’ve already collected throughout the game, the last of the collectibles should also be familiar to you. However, finding some of these final figures will be more challenging than others.

Here are the locations of the three collectibles in the third and final chapter of Tell Me Why.

Item 1: The Secret Keeper

In the first section of the chapter Like Mother, Like Daughter, as you walk around the home of Alyson and Uncle Eddie, make your way into Eddie’s room, and then head to the bookcase at the back of the room. Here, there’s a box that has markings from the Book of Goblin on it. Finding the corresponding chapter will hint about what you need to do.

For the solution, you need to head back into the sitting room and make your way to the chest in front of the window, where Alyson’s bag and keys are. Here, there’s a coin that you can pick up, though you must have interacted with the box first to be able to do so. Take this back to the box, and you will be able to put the coin into the slot and open it up. The figurine will be inside. 

Item 2: The Big Bear

During the Adrift section, where you visit Sam at his habor workshop, continue through the level until you and Sam head up to his office. In here, if you head to Sam’s desk where a laptop is resting, the figurine will be stashed in the desk drawer.

Item 3: The Gold Lady

During the Princess and Tiara section, you will come across a set of puzzles that you will need to complete in order to progress. After you have completed the first puzzle involving the Mad Hunter, a secret compartment will open up in the wall and the final figurine, the Gold Lady, will be there to greet you.

You can then place all of the figurines collected in the same room on their correct perches.