All color combo names in Magic: The Gathering, explained – Every color combination’s name

Even color wheel combinations have their names.

Magic: The Gathering artwork for the Unctus Grand Metatect card

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

Even with basic knowledge of Magic: The Gathering, you know that there are five colors in the popular card game. While mono-color decks are always popular, an even better option is to mix colors for special synergies. But did you know that all color combinations have their own names? 

There are 25 combinations in total, with 10 two-color, 10 three-color, and 5 four-color combinations that you can pull off. There is also the combination of all five colors, but that one doesn’t have a specific name other than being unimaginatively called “five-colored.” Below, we will explain the names behind all of the color combinations in Magic: The Gathering.

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What are the names of color combos in Magic: The Gathering

Names of all two-color combos

All two-color combinations in Magic: The Gathering originate behind the lore of Ravnica, which is the name of one of MTGs planes. The two-color combos are each named after one of Ravnica’s guilds from the lore.

  • Azorius: White + Blue
  • Boros: Red + White
  • Dimir: Blue + Black
  • Golgari: Black + Green
  • Gruul: Red + Green
  • Izzet: Blue + Red
  • Orzhov: White + Black
  • Rakdos: Black + Red
  • Selesnya: White + Green
  • Simic: Blue + Green

Names of all three-color combos

There are ten three-color combinations in Magic: The Gathering, with five of them named after the Alara block from the Shards of Alara expansion released in 2008-2009, and the other five named after the Khans of Tarkir block from the expansion of the same name released in 2014-2015.

  • Abzan: White + Black + Green
  • Bant: White + Blue + Green
  • Esper: White + Blue + Black
  • Grixis: Blue + Black + Red
  • Jeskai: White + Blue + Red
  • Jund: Black + Red + Green
  • Mardu: White + Black + Red
  • Naya: White + Red + Green
  • Sultai: Blue + Black + Green
  • Temur: Blue + Red + Green

Names of all four-color combos

The five four-color combinations in Magic: The Gathering are named after the Nephilim creatures from the Guildpact expansion released in 2006. The Nephilim were appropriately the first four-color creatures released.

  • Glint: All colors except White
  • Dune: All colors except Blue
  • Ink: All colors except Black
  • Witch: All colors except Red
  • Yore: All colors except Green