All combination lock codes in MADiSON

Some locks aren’t meant to be opened.

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One of many questions you might have throughout the entire game of MADiSON is what the combination to the lock in the first room is. Well, you will be waiting a long time to find out. There are also more combinations you need to learn for the safes in the office before you can complete the story. This guide will walk you through how to get all the combination codes. Unfortunately, we can’t just tell you the codes since they will be different for everyone.

The green safe code

The first of the codes you will get is the one for the green safe in the office. When you first enter the office, you will see a notepad with green rings on top of the safe. This offers little information on where to find the code for the safe but it is a start. The code for this safe is broken up into two parts and is in two locations.

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The first part of the code can be found in the bathroom. Enter the bathroom and look at the shelves near the toilet. You can actually find this part of the combination at any point in the game. This part will give you the second half of the combination.

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The first part of the combination comes after you complete the elevator puzzle and get your hands on the Clock Key. This will get you access to the clock room. Use the bolt cutters to break the lock on the desk in the clock room to get the first part of the combination for the green safe.

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The red safe code

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The red safe is the other safe that is in the office. You will automatically get this code as part of the story without needing to search for it. After completing the clock puzzle, Luca will have an episode before drawing the combination in his notebook. When deciphering the combination, count the number of red lines there are on each circle. For us, the combination was 6-5-5.

The small door code

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The code for the lock on the small door is retrieved as you progress through the game and use your camera to capture images of different items. You get a number of the code when reaching these parts of the game:

  • Taking an image of the animal head in the living area after Luca has a vision of horns
  • After completing the elevator puzzle and taking a picture of the mirror
  • After completing the clock puzzle and taking a picture of the door
  • Taking an image of the hole in the ground after dropping Blue Knees’ eyeballs

Once you take a picture of each area, check the image for the number of the combination. You will get the numbers in order that they need to be put into the lock on the door.