How to complete the elevator puzzle in MADiSON

Up and down you go.

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One of the more strange puzzles in MADiSON is the elevator puzzle. This puzzle is filled with exposition since it gives you in-depth descriptions of each of Madison Hale’s victims on each of the floors. She was only able to kill four when her intended number was seven. Get your camera and hammer ready, you are going to need to dig up the truth buried behind the walls.

How the elevator puzzle works in MADiSON

When you first enter this puzzle, you will see an elevator that can take you to five different floors. During this time, a radio host will be describing what Madison Hale did to each of her victims. Don’t worry, it is a lot of flavor text and isn’t really necessary. The main focus you will need to have is who the victim is or their age.

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The goal of the puzzle is to get all of the dots on the pillar on the top floor to align to face the mirror. This is done by photographing the correct victim’s coffin on each floor. Completing this puzzle will get you the Clock Key and allow you to progress further into the story.

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How to complete the elevator puzzle

Keep in mind that you can complete the puzzle by going to any floor order that you wish. While parts of this puzzle are randomized, most of it actually stays the same. The victim on each floor is the same while their location on the floor changes.

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Start by going to the first floor and working your way up. The first victim is described as Madison’s father so it is easy to figure out that you need to photograph the coffin of Robert Hale. Peak into the walls on the first floor to find the one containing Robert’s coffin. Photograph the wall containing the coffin and the central column will spin to match the roman numeral one with the wall. The victims you are looking for are found in the following order.

  • Robert Hale – First floor
  • Judith Hale – Second floor
  • Drake Fletcher – Third floor
  • Lynn Jamie – Fourth floor

The roman numeral that matches the floor you are on should spin to match the correct victim of the floor. Make sure to bring your hammer with you because you will need to break open a few walls to be able to peek inside. Once you have photographed all of the victims’ coffins, head up to the fifth floor where the dots should all be aligned with the wall with the mirror. Take a picture of the mirror to make it fall and get you the Clock Key.