How to complete the clock puzzle in MADiSON

Tick tock, tick tock.

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After trekking through a haunted house, you finally get to enter the clock room in Grandpa’s house. MADiSON is filled with puzzles, but one of the harder ones to understand is the clock puzzle. This puzzle appears shortly after completing the elevator puzzle and requires a bit of thought to complete. Here’s a hint: the solution is staring you in the face.

How the clock puzzle works in MADiSON

Understanding how this puzzle works is the key to completing it. You could attempt to solve it by guessing, but that will take a long time. The key to solving this puzzle is looking at the clocks on the wall of the clock room and getting the clock face that matches it from somewhere in the house.

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To give an example of what we mean; one of the walls in the clock room for us all read 7:45 except for the cuckoo clock. Because of this, we placed the 7:45 clock face on the cuckoo clock to make it match.

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Completing the puzzle

To start the puzzle, you will need to get access to the green safe in Grandpa’s office. You will get the combination as part of the story from two notepads. Once the safe is open, you will get the first clockface to start the puzzle with.

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There are a total of four clocks that you need to match the time on. There are also four clocks around the house that you need to get the clockfaces from. If you haven’t kept track of the clock locations, they can be found in the following areas:

  • In the hallway outside of the office with the two safes
  • In the attic on the right wall
  • In the kitchen by the cassette player
  • In starting hallway by the picture you placed at the start of the game

Go to each of the clocks and switch out the clockface for one that you need in the clock room. Once all of the cuckoo clocks on each of the four walls match the surrounding clocks, the clocks will all go haywire. Take a picture of the door in the clock room to open it and the puzzle will be complete.