All Cult Stash Locations at Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2

There are several Cult Stashes for you to track down in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you how to find and open them.


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The Cult Stashes you find in Alan Wake 2 can be extremely helpful in keeping your supplies high throughout the course of your playthrough. There are several you can find while exploring Bright Falls.

Each of the Cult Stashes has a variety of unique items which you can use in combat. These Cult Stashes also have a unique way to keep those supplies under lock and key, which means you’ll have to solve the riddle to unlock them. This guide covers finding all Cult Stash locations at Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2 and how to open them.

Where to Find All Bright Falls Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2

Cult of the Stashes Location in Alan Wake 2
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You can find Cult Stashes in Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake, and Watery in Alan Wake 2. The Cult Stashes follow the same patterns between locations, where you’ll need to solve a unique riddle to open it up. Some of them are as simple as repeating the code that you see in a quick Simon Says-like combination lock.

Others are a bit more complex, and I had to sit down to take some time to figure out the proper code. None of the codes were too challenging, but I did find them more complicated than the other puzzles in Alan Wake 2, such as the Nursery Rhymes or tracking down the Lunch Boxes.

When you open up a Cult Stashes, there should be a small amount of ammunition, healing supplies, and flares, or you might get lucky to find propane tanks. After you unlock a Cult Stash, Saga can add the location to her Case Board, highlighting each location she finds throughout Alan Wake 2, along with the note hidden inside the stash.

These are all the Cult Stash locations you can find while exploring Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, and how you unlock them.

Cult Stash LocationCult Stash NameDescription
Cult-Stash-location-1-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Bunker WoodsThere’s a Cult Stash on the northwest side of Bunker Woods. You can unlock it by following the Simon Says combination lock on the front.
Bright-Falls-Cult-Stash-Location-2-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Elderwood Palace LodgeYou can find a Cult Stash outside the Elderwood Palace Lodge, which also has a Simon Says combination lock keeping it shut.
Cult-Stash-Location-3-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Old TruckOn the south side of Bunker Hill is an old truck, with a Cult Stash in the trunk. The correct answer for the riddle for this Cult Stash is 177.
Cult-Stash-location-4-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Valhalla Nursing HomeYou can find this Cult Stash to the south of the Valhalla Nursing Home. It requires a key to open it, and you’ll need to follow the plastic signs, rather than the lit-up ones that appear on the trees. It should be to the south of the Cult Stash.
Cult-Stash-location-5-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash West Ranger StationThere’s a Cult Stash you can find in the woods to the west of the Ranger Station. You’ll need to follow the glowing arrows that only appear because of light to find the Cult Symbols to open the lock.
Cult-Stash-Location-6-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Ranger StationThis is a Cult Stash you can find in the Ranger Station area. Unfortunately, the lock on the stash is well hidden, with the only hint for it appearing on the top of the box. You can find the key next to the Ranger Station’s chimney, outside, on the ground.
Cult-Stash-location-7-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Harbor DocksThere’s a Cult Stash by the docks next to Harbor Street that you can reach after you’ve unlocked the Bolt Cutters. The code for the stash is scattered on the wood piles sticking out of the water, and it should be 697.
Cult-Stash-location-8-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Sheriff’s OfficeYou can find the final Cult Stash in Bright Falls in the Sheriff’s Office, on the bottom floor. You’ll need Bolt Cutters to access it, and when you reach the Cult Stash, the code will be how many sides are on each shape. The code for this Stash should be 146.
Cult-Stash-location-9-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Bright Falls AlleyYou’ll be able to access this Cult Stash after you unlock the Boltcutters. The Cult Symbols for the code are the two upward triangles, the two triangles facing outward, and then the two triangles facing upward on top of each other.