Alan Wake Delights Fans With Dead by Daylight Crossover

At long last, the horror writer himself, Alan Wake, has made his way through the fog and finds himself in Dead by Daylight.

Alan Wake delights fans with Dead by Daylight Crossover

Image via Behaviour Interactive

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The next survivor to find himself stuffed in Dead by Daylight‘s fog is distressed horror writer Alan Wake from the Alan Wake series. Making his way over from a widely successful sequel, Alan Wake 2, players can use Alan Wake as their next survivor.

Alan Wake will debut in Dead by Daylight at the end of this month, but you can test him for yourself in the game’s public testing. Although none of your progress will carry over to the main game, it’s the perfect time to try the Champion of Light out to find the right combination of perks that fit your playstyle. We’re excited to see this natural collaboration between Remedy Entertainment and Behaviour Interactive as Behaviour continues to add to its phenomenal horror icon roster.

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Alan Wake Arrives in the Latest Dead by Daylight Chapter

Alan Wake and The Huntress in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive shared the announcement with a new trailer, highlighting Alan Wake’s arrival to Dead by Daylight. For those who want to try him out immediately, feel free to download the latest public test server to test out his unique range of perks, which are available when you purchase the Alan Wake Chapter, which will be released on January 30, 2023.

Like every survivor, Alan Wake will come with three perks: Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline. Champion of Light gives the user additional movement speed while they use a flashlight, and if they blind a Killer using a flashlight, the Killer gains the Hindered Status Effect, slowing them down. Illumination allows all nearby Survivors the see the auras of generators and chests on the map, making it easier to spot these key objectives. Finally, the Deadline activates when your character is injured, increasing the frequency of skill checks when healing another Survivor or repairing a generator, but if you miss, the penalty is halved.

As a writer, the Deadline perk feels like a direct attack against me and how I handle many of my writing assignments. Regardless, Alan Wake feels like the perfect fit to make his way into Dead by Daylight. The way he combats creatures known as the Taken, and he has to use his flashlight to expose them, making it easier to do damage against them. One of the critical tools available to Survivors is their trusty flashlight, and it’s one of the only “weapons” they can use to defend themselves against Killers beyond running away.

We’re excited to try out Alan Wake on the Dead by Daylight test server later today and try out these abilities ourselves. Anyone who owns the base game can download the latest update to try it themselves and figure out their favorite builds before Alan arrives on January 30.