All Lunch Box Locations at Watery in Alan Wake 2

This guide covers every lunch box you can find in the Watery area while playing Alan Wake 2, completing the collection.


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Like many of the collectibles in Alan Wake 2, the lunch boxes are crucial to the larger story. There are several that you can find scattered throughout the Watery area, and you’ll want to track them all down.

Whenever you find a lunch box, there’s going to be a note inside. These notes can have a variety of topics, sometimes pointing to the identity of the person leaving them around for Saga Anderson to find. Here’s what you need to know about how to find all lunch box locations at Watery in Alan Wake 2.

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Where to Find All Watery Lunch Box Locations in Alan Wake 2

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Lunch boxes are hidden throughout each of the regions in Alan Wake 2. You know you’re near a lunch box when you look at the ground and begin finding colored rocks, which are reminiscent of colored eggs you might find during Easter. Another sign is that you’ll see knitted ornaments hanging from the trees. You can follow the trail of these eggs to discover a lunch box, which will contain a small pile of Manuscript Fragments. Saga can use these fragments to empower the weapons she finds throughout the course of the campaign.

A lunch box also contains a small note left by the person who hid it. As Saga discovers more of them throughout Alan Wake 2, she can add the location to her Case Board, slowly drawing closer to the exact identity of the person who left them behind. These are much easier to locate and open than the Nursery Rhymes or the Cult Stashes you also have the choice to locate.

These are all of the lunch boxes you can find in Watery while playing Alan Wake 2.

Lunch Box LocationLunch Box NameDescription
Lunch-box-location-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Radio TowerYou can discover this lunch box to the north of the radio tower.
Lunch-box-location-2-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Ranger CabinThere is a lunch box northeast of the Ranger Cabin, which you can reach before the flooding disappears.
Lunch-box-location-3-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box WorkshopYou can find a lunch box outside of the Kalevala Knights Workshop on the north side.
Lunch-box-location-4-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box LighthouseDown the path from the lighthouse is a lunch box outside the break room, on the side of a cliff.
Lunch-box-location-5-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Coffee World EntranceThere is a lunch box hidden inside the hut at the Coffee World Entrance, on the south side of the map.
Lunch-box-location-6-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Lighthouse Trailer ParkThere is a lunch box you can find on the west side of the Lighthouse Trailer Park, at the child’s playground.