How to Solve All Watery Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

You can find several Nursery Rhymes throughout the Watery location in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you how to solve and find them.

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There are several collectibles for you to track down in Alan Wake 2, and one of them is a series of Nursery Rhymes. These Nursery Rhymes appear on each of the maps, and you’ll have to track them down, solving the riddles associated with them, such as at Watery.

Nursery Rhymes are going to be scattered throughout the Watery area, the third location you can visit while playing as a Saga. When you play as her, she will be in the real world, dealing with the Taken, and trying to solve the riddles surrounding her involvement in the horror story. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve all Watery Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2.

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Where to Find All Watery Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

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When completing any of these Nursery Rhymes, there’s a certain process with it in Alan Wake 2. They’re a bit more involved than the lunch boxes. When you discover a Nursery Rhyme, there will be a unique riddle written in the middle of the location. After you’ve finished with it, the next step is to line up the appropriate dolls that the riddle references. The riddle won’t perfectly tell you which ones you need to use, so there will be some trial and error about which ones you need to use.

Upon completing a Nursery Rhyme, the world around you will change. If you’re stuck, I’ve found that it’s best to seek out the dripping, black ichor on the ground. This will typically lead you to the change in the world, and then you can acquire your charm, which is the major benefit to completing the Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2.

These were all of the Nursery Rhymes you can find in Watery in Alan Wake 2.

Nursery Rhyme LocationNursery Rhyme SolutionDollsDescription
MooseWhen you reach this Nursery Rhyme, place the Moose on the tree symbol at the bottom right, and this will spawn a Moose statue not too far away.
DeerFor this Nursery Rhyme, place the Deer doll on the House symbol. From there, a deer will appear, and run into the forest, but it will be attacked by a pair of wolves you have to fight.
Wise Elder, and TricksterYou can find this Nursery Rhyme at the lighthouse. You’ll need to use the Wise Elder on the Eye, and then the Trickster doll on the Waves to activate it. You’ll need to head down to where you found the Watery Entrance to locate this charm, to the right of the previously blocked-off area.
Wise Elder, and BearYou can find this location after defeating Mulligan and Thornton. This will be to the south of the Watery Trailer Park, and you’ll need to place the Wise Elder on the waves symbol, and then the Bear on the candy symbol.
Deer, Moose, and the TricksterThis is a Nursery Rhyme you can only access after defeating Thornton and Mulligan. You can find it at the Latte Laggoon, and you need to place the Deer on the boat symbol, the Moose on the waves, and the Trickster on the noose.
Maiden and BearYou can access this Nursery Rhyme after defeating Thornton and Mulligan, and you’ll need the Screwdriver. Head inside the house to grab the Maiden doll, which you need to place on the forest symbol. After that, place the Bear doll on the heart symbol.
Maiden and TricksterYou can find this Nursery Rhyme after you unlock the Screwdriver. You’ll find it at the back of the Watery town, and you need to place the Maiden on the house symbol, and then the Trickster on the ring symbol.
Nursery-Rhyme-location-8-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Nursery-Rhyme-8-Solution-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Deer and Wise Old ManThere is a Nursery Rhyme inside the trailer park, behind a lock that you need to use the boltcutters on. When you’re inside the trailer, place the Deer on the eye symbol, and the Wise Old Man on the heart.