All Cursed Possession locations in Camp Woodwind in Phasmophobia

A camp you can hopefully leave, at some point.

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The Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia are the unique and terrifying items you can find in a game while exploring a location. If you’re playing a standard game, they have a random chance to encounter these items while attempting to track down a ghost. Although they help force the ghost to do something, they have multiple consequences. This guide covers all Cursed Possession locations for every item you can find in Camp Woodwind in Phasmophobia.

Every Cursed Possession location in Camp Woodwind in Phasmophobia

Camp Woodwind is a small map location of Maple Lodge Campsite. You will have fewer locations to hide, but it should make learning what type of ghost you’re investigating significantly easier, even if it is outside. It also makes finding the Cursed Possessions significantly easier, and they’re scattered throughout the campsite.

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There are six cursed possessions you can find in Phasmophobia. These are their locations in Camp Woodwind.

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When you first walk into the camp, to the left of you are two picnic tables. The table from the entrance has the Tarot Card deck in the middle. If you continue down this path, there is a yellow tent. Inside the yellow tent is the Music Box on the right side of the entrance.

Now, returning to the center of the camp, leaning against the tree is the Haunted Mirror on the ground. In the far back, we have the Voodoo Doll leaning against the purple tent. Close to the campfire, the open tent furthest away from the entrance is the Summoning Circle, and the other open tent has the Ouija Board.

We recommend using each of these items at your own risk. They are dangerous, and each takes a toll on your sanity. They cause the ghost to react in a specific way, although it does make identifying the supernatural creature much easier to help solve your investigation.