All Dartmoor Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

Looking for the family secrets.

The Dartmoor map of Hitman 3 has you navigating a worn-down mansion in a gloomy swamp, a location right out of a ghost story.

And just like those ghost stories, there are plenty of secrets to uncover on the map, including its 22 Undiscovered Areas. Unlocking all of these areas will get you the No Stone Unturned achievement/trophy, plus another step towards that 100% completion.

Also, it helps a lot to have a disguise for this mission as there aren’t many places that you can get into without one.

Level 0

Image captured in-game.


When you start the mission, you’re going to need to work your way onto the premises of the mansion. Once you do, head to the left part of the map and you will find the Graveyard, as seen in the map.


Head to the western part of the map to find the Garden. You can’t miss it.


You will find the Greenhouse at the very western part of the Garden. Around back is a crowbar that you can use to break open the doors when no one is looking.


Head to the norther side of the house and go into the first door on the right. Go through the door on your left to find the Kitchen.

Dining Room

Head into the door across from the Kitchen and you will find the Dining Room.

Sitting Room

Head through the other door in the room and go across the hall, into the next room, to find the Sitting Room.

Trophy Room

Go through door opposite you, cross the hall, and the next room will be Trophy Room.


Leave the Trophy Room and turn right down the hall. Follow the hall all the way down and you will find the Library.


Go through the door on your left and into the Foyer.

Mr. Fernsby’s Office

Go across the Foyer and into the hallway on the other side. To your right is a door; go through it and the door after, and then you will be in Mr. Fernsby’s Office.

Staff Room

Head into the room before the office and take the door on your right, into the Staff Room.

Level 1

Image captured in-game.

Emma and Gregory’s Room

Head into the hallway between the Staff Room and Foyer, and head up the stairs there. On the next level, head top-left corner of the map (southwest of the house). Break open the door to unlock Emma and Gregory’s Room.

Secret Room #1

In here, look by the fireplace to pick up the Walking Cane. Take this out into the hall and go right. When you go through the large double doors, immediately turn left. You will see a prompt to use the cane, which will open the door to the first Secret Room.

Zachary’s Room

From here, head back towards the stairs you came up with and head to the corner opposite Emma and Gregory’s Room to find Zachary’s Room.

Secret Room #2

Look at the bookshelf in the corner to find a book you can interact with, opening a door into the second Secret Room.

Small Office

Head across the hall from Zachary’s Room and go through the door to discover Small Office.

Rebecca’s Room

Go back towards the stairs and take a left down the first hallway, around the stairs leading up. Go down the hall and take the second door on the left. This unlocks Rebecca’s Room.

Secret Room #3

Interact with the painting of a dog in this room and open the door to the third Secret Room.

Level 2

Image captured in-game.

Alexa Carlisle’s Room

Go out and use the stairs that go to the next level. Take the first left you can and you will unlock Alexa Carlisle’s Room.

Alexa Carlisle’s Office

Head across the hall from this room and unlock Alexa Carlisle’s Office.

Private Room

Go through the door on your left and you will enter the Private Room.

Secret Room #4

Look on the wall in front of the chair and you will see a prompt to interact with the wall. This will unlock the door to the fourth Secret Room, and final Undiscovered Location.