All demolition charge locations in the Spaceport in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Beat the timer.

Image via BioWare

While on Eden Prime, and you’re making your way to the Spaceport in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the Geth are attempting to destroy the colony to leave no trace they were there. There are four charges you need to deactivate before the timer reaches zero. If you don’t reach these locations in time, you will fail, and you can heavy Geth resistance along the way.

All demolition charge locations in the Spaceport

You can find all of the demolition charges within the Cargo Station of the Spaceport. You should not have to go too far to locate them. When attempting to deactivate a demolition charge, it does take a few seconds, and Shepard will have to kneel to interact with the device. You’ll want to make sure there are not too many Geth around you when you try it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first demolition charge is to the left of when you enter the area. It’ll be next to the staircase. From there, we recommend you go up that same staircase and take a right to make it to the other side of the platform. When you reach this point, take a left, and the second demolition charge is behind a wall.

The final two are further down the pathway on the left side. You can expect plenty of Geth along this walkway, and it might be best to eliminate them before reaching too far across it. The third one will be right in the middle of the left platform, behind a wall. It’s a little exposed, though. You can post your squadmates nearby to give you with covering fire. When you reach the end of the platform, don’t turn left. Instead, keep going until the very end. The final demolition charge will be on the other side of the wall.

Once you’ve deactivated all of the demolition charges, you can explore the area and loot anything you might have missed.