All Deston secret room locations in PUBG

Where can you find these hidden rooms?

Image via Krafton, Inc.

There are multiple secret security rooms for you to find on the Deston map in PUBG. These locations are a good way to earn some excellent loot for yourself and your teammates. It’s a good way to get the edge on the enemy teams, but you need to get there first and secure it. There are multiple security rooms all over Deston that you can search and unlock. This guide covers all Deston secret security room locations in PUBG.

Where to find all Deston secret room locations in PUBG

You can find multiple security rooms and trailers throughout the Deston map. Unfortunately, you might locate these rooms, but they will be locked. You must also find a key to access them. There are keys hidden throughout the map in drone rooms, and some are close to the security rooms themselves, making the keys far more important to locate. However, another player may already have them, so eliminating any enemy player you encounter on the way to these secret rooms is also a good idea.

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These are the locations where you can find secret security rooms on the Deston map and trailers. We’ve broken the map into north and south to help you narrow down your search. This is the north part of the Deston map and contains more trailers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here is the southern part of Deston.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Barclift, east
  • Buxley, northwest part of POI
  • Carpenter’s End, center
  • Cavala, north
  • Concert, center
  • Holston Meadows, center
  • Sancarna, northeast
  • Ripton, north
  • Ten Forts, south
  • Turrita, north
  • Wind Farm, north of the bridge

The locations are limited. After a player opens one of these up and grabs all the loot, you will need to wait until another match on Deston to try and open them yourself. It doesn’t hurt to try following another player you know who took the key, waiting for them to open it, and taking them out to claim the prize yourself.

Ripton contains the most secret rooms and trailers for you to find. It will be a highly contested location, and we imagine other players will also be attempting to open these doors.