All difficulty settings in Atomic Heart, and what they change

How much of a challenge do you want?


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How a game handles its difficulty can totally make or break the experience for players. For example, if a game feels too challenging, some people will back out of it. In contrast, if a game is too easy, some will not consider the game not worth their time. Having adaptable challenge difficulties that the player can choose from is always best for everyone. With Atomic Heart, you can choose from three difficulties. Here is what they are and how they affect the game.

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What difficulty settings are in Atomic Heart?

There are a total of three difficulty settings in Atomic Heart at launch. From easiest to hardest, they are:

  • Peaceful Atom
  • Local Failure
  • Armageddon

While you are given the choice of which difficulty you want to play on when you start up a new game, you can change this at any point in the Gameplay settings.

If you prefer to play story games on easy mode, Peaceful Atom is the difficulty for you. While you will still have to fight enemies, their health and damage output will be severely held back, allowing you to take them down very quickly.

For an in-between difficulty experience, you will want to go with Local Failure. Some challenges will still be tough, which makes it good that you can change this setting whenever you want.

If you want a punishing experience, Armageddon is the hard difficulty you are looking for. In this mode, you will have to have quick reflexes and a good understanding of how to be successful in first-person shooters. Enemies can feel like bullet sponges in this mode, requiring you to take quick cover and manage your ammo throughout the entire campaign.

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Unless you want a challenging time, we recommend starting things out on Local Failure and adjusting it from there.