All Elden Ring Golden Seed locations

More Golden Seeds than you could shake a stick at.

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The sprawling open world of Elden Ring is littered with a litany of treasures and discoverable’s that will help players on their journey to becoming an Elden Lord. Of all of the treasures, one of the most important is that of the Golden Seed.

Golden Seeds allow Tarnished to effectively have more health flasks, called Flasks of Crimson Tears, to restore HP. Tarnished need to find a total of 30 Golden Seeds in order to have 14 flask charges, which is the maximum. In this guide, we’ve found a whopping total of 42 Golden Seeds strewn across the Lands Between.

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Players will need to prepare themselves to grab these Golden Seeds, as many are guiding fiercely by unholy abominations, traps, entire dungeons, and even precarious platforming segments. Finding Golden Seeds begins immediately upon completing the tutorial — the starting region of Limgrave is home to eight of them, which is enough to give Tarnished a quick leg up for the coming difficulties.

All Golden Seed locations, by region

Chasing every Golden Seed found in the Lands Between isn’t necessary. The truth of the matter is that players will only need roughly 80% in order to maximize their flask charges. Throughout this guide, however, many Golden Seeds were found in clever locations, or guarded by tough bosses in unique locations which escalated the battle beyond the norm.

It’s very much worth exploring everything that Elden Ring currently has to offer, and that clearly includes one of the most important resources in the title. Just don’t forget to slow down now and then, to appreciate the grandeur and atmosphere that this title so readily imparts.