All evidence locations in A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry – The Outer Worlds

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A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry is the first step toward solving the murder of Halcyon Helen in The Outer Worlds, and will see players exploring the Orchard at the hotel. Helen’s footprints in the hotel contain dirty from the Orchard area, so you need toe explore it to find out what went on before her death.

To do this, you will use the Analyzer, a device you have been given that will help you to explore the clues to be found all over the area. Equip the analyzer and aim it like a weapon to activate it. It works like a scope, and evidence will have white energy coming off it.

The first pieces of evidence are the bodies of three guards that are strewn around the first area of the Orchard, before you cross the bridge. One can be found on the very first platform that you will come across.

The second can be found on the roof of the building just to the left of the bridge.

The third can be found tucked behind some boxes near the larger building. After that, cross the bridge and keep following Helen’s footsteps. Speak with the lady in the Nut Hut on the left, and the two men in the building on the right to pick up the Faithful to Thee quest.

Keep following the footsteps and you will arrive in the main garden area, and you will need to figure out where to go among a mess of footsteps. We have marked when you actually need to get to on the map below with the green quest marker in the southwest corner.

Grab the keycard from the picnic blanket you can find in this area, then make your way to the new waypoint and enter the building.