All Exoprimal game modes explained – Co-op, PvP, story missions

Become extinction.


Image via Capcom

Capcom’s Exoprimal is the latest piece of proof that gamers don’t need high-concept storytelling in their shooters. As gratuitously demonstrated in every trailer so far, Exoprimal is just good, dumb, robots-vs-dinosaurs fun. That said, the game does have an intricate mission structure that combines PvP and PvE gameplay in the same game mode. In this overview, we will guide you through the game modes in Exoprimal and the different mission types that shape the experience.

Exoprimal game mode basics

The main game mode in Exoprimal is Dino Survival; other game modes may be available after launch, but in all cases, the gameplay is structured around a 5v5 objective-based competition. Both teams start together in a shared deployment zone, but will split off as Leviathan — the game’s primary narrator and antagonist — prescribes a series of missions.

Each mission will task players with an objective found somewhere around the map. The team who finishes first scores more points, which places the competitive focus squarely on the objectives. However, during different missions, the teams cross paths and can fight each other. Leviathan may even allow one member of a team to invade the other team’s location by controlling a powerful dinosaur. In that way, Exoprimal features a perfect blend of PvP and cooperative gameplay, while being a distinctly competitive game.

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Dino Survival

Dino Survival is more than a single game mode in Exoprimal, as it combines six rotating mini-modes. Whenever Leviathan announces a new mission, players on both teams are given a countdown to make their way to the designated mission area. There they will face off against hordes of dinosaurs (or the opposing team) and compete to finish the mission faster. As players progress through the overall story of Exoprimal, new missions will become available in the game mode.

The missions in the Exoprimal Dino Survival game mode include:

  • Data Key Security: This is your standard payload mode from games like Paladins and Overwatch. Each team must escort a mobile objective to a designated point on the map while protecting it from incoming dinos. The twist is that both teams are pushing toward the same point, and when they reach it they must fight to park their payload first.
  • Dinosaur Cull: Teams race to destroy a set number of dinosaurs from a specific type. If you ever wanted the front seat to an extinction event, this is it.
  • Energy Taker: Both teams race to collect the most energy by gathering pick-ups spawning around the map. Fighting is optional, but obviously, it will happen.
  • Omega Charge: This mission is similar to Dinosaur Cull, but here players must use the mission-specific Omega Hammer weapon in combination with a fixed objective point.
  • VTOL Defense: An aircraft has landed somewhere on the map, and needs to be protected from incoming waves of dinosaurs. If you let the objective be destroyed, your team loses the mission.

That’s all there is to know about the Dino Survival game mode in Exoprimal. If you want to try it hands-on, you can sign up for the Exoprimal closed beta test, which will take place in July.