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Exoprimal BikCoin Guide: How To Get BikCoin & What It’s For

Exoprimal is an epic shooter video game featuring dinosaurs, here is how to get the in-game currency and how it works.

Exoprimal is the perfect way to live out your fantasy of fighting against hordes of monsters while piloting a powerful mech suit. Luckily, you won’t be alone, and you’ll be battling against them with a small party of other mechs, completing various objectives in the many Wargames created by the AI, Leviathian. Along the way, you’ll be unlocking BikCoins.

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BikCoins are a way for you to unlock unique pieces of content and useful items while you play Exoprimal. You’re going to need a lot of these coins if you want to grab them all, from unique customization options for your favorite mech suits to the helpful modules that change how they play. Here’s what you need to know about how to get BikCoins in Exoprimal.

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Where to Find BikCoins & Use Them In Exoprimal

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BikCoins are the only currency you’re going to see in Exoprimal. Although it might be easy to obtain them, many of the items in the Exoprimal customization shop for the various Exosuits can be rather costly, which leads many to grind them out by completing various missions and leveling up their overall player level.

There are several ways to obtain BikCoins, but it’s not an easy grind. These are some of the best ways to obtain BikCoins while playing Exoprimal.

  • Completing matches in Exoprimal
  • Increasing your account’s player level
  • Leveling up Exosuits (each Exosuit has 20 levels)
  • Opening up War Chests

Once players have earned up some BikCoin, they can head over to the in-game store and purchase different modules and upgrade those, as well as buy some skins in the game. This is one way that players can be driven to keep playing and earn items and cosmetics without having to spend real-life money on the game.

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When you have enough BikCoins, feel free to take them to any of the Exosuit pages where you can select to purchase various customization options for that particular Exosuit. This is the best, and only way, to properly spend your BikCoins while playing Exoprimal. Outside of the customization options for an Exosuit, there’s also the various Rigs & Modules page, which has various ways you can customize the gameplay aspects of your Exosuit. Depending on your playstyle, you might seek out specific ones while playing the game.

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