All Field Upgrades in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Find out what equipment you’ll be able to take with you into battle.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Image via Activision

Among the many ways you can customize your character in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, selecting which Field Upgrades to take into battle is an important one.

Field Upgrades are the reusable equipment that you will get after a certain amount of time in-game. After using them, you will have to wait for it to recharge back up. This recharge time will vary depending on the Field Upgrade, so be sure you know which ones you want and if you can manage that amount of time.

So before you dive into the multiplayer alpha happening this weekend, check out what your options will be before setting up your classes:

Field Mic

Recharge Time: 3:15

The Field Mic deploys, well, a microphone that will highlight the positions of enemies it picks up on your mini-map. It’s handy for anyone looking to patrol around a specific area, including those campers out there.


Recharge Time: 2:30

Using the Jammer will put out an electronic disruption field that disables enemy Field Upgrades and also affects the enemy mini-map. It’s great for stripping away the other team of their own upgrades while reducing their field awareness, allowing for easier positioning.

Proximity Mine

Recharge Time: 2:30

It’s about as straightforward as you can get: you throw the mine, and if any enemy runs or drives over it, it explodes. It kills enemies on-foot and also will completely blow up vehicles. You can avoid triggering it by crouch-walking over it, however. Great to put around corners of popular areas so an enemy stumbles onto it without knowing it.

SAM Turret

Recharge Time: 3:45

The best Field Upgrade to take down any enemy aircraft that are called in. The SAM Turret posts up in a spot and automatically fires missiles at airborne killstreaks and enemy-piloted helicopters. It’s great for a Domination or Headquarters match, where you can protect your point from air attacks.