All Fire Emblem Engage classes explained

A plethora of choices

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Fire Emblem is known for its class system, but it has taken many forms over the decades. Some Fire Emblem games allow their characters to be any class, whereas others only allow characters to be one class. There are quite a large number of classes in Fire Emblem Engage, some classics that have been in past titles, and some original to Engage; here they all are in alphabetical order.

Base Classes

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Base classes are non-special starting classes for your units. They will have average stats and will only specialize in specific types of utilization on the battlefield.

ArcherBowThey attack from a distance. Great behind friendly lines.
Axe ArmorAxeThey utilize high defense and axes but have poor movement and resistance.
Axe CavalierAxeAxe-wielding mounted units who have average stats.
Axe FlierAxeWielding axes, they soar across the sky on a pegasus. They’re weak to bows.
Axe FighterAxeFighters who tear the battlefield with an axe. They have good offense but poor defense.
Lance ArmorLanceThey utilize high defense and lances but have poor movement and resistance.
Lance CavalierLanceLance-wielding mounted units who have average stats.
Lance FighterLanceInfantry unit which uses lances. They have balanced offensive and defensive stats.
Lance FlierLanceWielding lances, they soar across the sky on a pegasus. They’re weak to bows.
MageTomeMagic users who utilize tomes to ruin units with poor magic resistance.
Martial MonkStaff & body ArtsHealers who defend themselves using martial arts.
Sword ArmorSwordThey utilize high defense and swords but have poor movement and resistance.
Sword CavalierSwordSword-wielding mounted units who have average stats.
Sword FighterSwordFast foot soldiers who wield swords.
Sword FlierSwordWielding swords, they soar across the sky on a pegasus. They’re weak to bows.

Advanced Classes

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A character with an Advanced Class is a more powerful unit that is more versatile than those with the basic class counterparts. They utilize better class skills, a wider pool of weapons, and much better stats.

BerserkerAxeFearsome axe-wielders who have high strength and speed but poor defensive stats.
BowknightBow, and a choice between sword, axe, or lance.Snipe enemies atop a saddle but also use direct weapons.
GeneralSword, lance, or axe depending on what type of armor they were.They have fearsome defensive and offensive stats, but they’re slow and don’t move far.
Great KnightSword, lance, or axe depending on what type of armor they were.Mounted units that are heavily armored.
Griffon KnightStaff and sword, lance, or axe, depending on what type of flier they were.Fliers with balanced stats and can heal allies with staves.
HalberdierLance.Above average in all stats, they wield lances far better than a common soldier.
HeroSword & axe or lance.Versatile units that can utilize wide variety of weapons.
High PriestTome, staff, & body artsThey utilize magic, staves, and martial arts.
Mage KnightTome, and a choice between sword, lance, or axes.Mounted units that can use magic and weapons.
Martial MasterStaff & body arts.Monks who have perfected the use of martial arts. They can also heal allies.
PaladinSword, lance, or axe depending on what type of Cavalier they were.High mobility and great overall stats.
Royal KnightLance & staff.A mounted unit that tears up the battlefield but can also heal their allies.
SageTome & staff.Great magic users who can also heal using staves
SniperBow.Have great skill with a bow.
SwordmasterSword.An incredibly fast sword user who can dodge most attacks.
TheifKnife.A nimble unit that can open chests and doors.
WarriorAxe & bow.Versatile foot soldiers that boost tremendous strength.
Wolf KnightKnife, and a choice between sword, axe, or lance.Faster than average mounted units, they use knives to wreak havoc.
Wyvern KnightSword, lance, or axe, depending on what type of flier they were.Flying units with great defense, but they’re weak to bows and magic.

Special Classes

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The Special Classes are some of the most powerful you can obtain in Fire Emblem Engage. These are awarded to characters who have completed a high degree of training, and it takes a good amount of time to obtain them.

AvenirLance & sword.Rides a white horse into battle and uses sword and lance.
CupidoBow & swordA bow knight that devastates the battlefield.
DancerBody artsThey can rejuvenate allies to fight again. Uses martial arts to defend themselves.
Divine DragonSword & body arts.Special class for Alear. Uses divine dragon swords and martial arts.
Dragon ChildSword.Special class for Alear. Can use unique swords.
LindwurmTome & staffA wyvern rides who uses magic and staves.
LordSword or bow.Special units who were born into noble families.
NobelLance, or tome/sword.Proficient with magic and weapons. Beings from a noble family.
PicketLancePierces enemy defenses with her amazing stats.
SentinelLance or bowA defender of nations. Uses lances or bows.
Sleipnir RiderTome & staffA special pegasus rider who uses magic and staves.
SuccesseurSword & axe.They wield great strength to lead nations.
Tireur d’eliteBow.Gifted bow users who have amazing strength.
VidameTome, Sword, & staff.Swordsmen who wield magic and heal allies.
Wing TamerTome & staff.Rides a wyvern into battle attacking with magic and healing with staves.