All Fishing Rod enchantments in Minecraft, and what they do

Take advantage of these enchantments.

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Fishing in real life can be tedious, and not wield many reasons to come back to it for some people. It takes a very particular person to enjoy doing it for fun. In Minecraft, there at least is a guarantee that the fishing will bite eventually, and you won’t have to worry about completely wasting your time. To make the fishing experience even better, we recommend using the following enchantments on your Fishing Rod.

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All Fishing Rod enchantments in Minecraft, explained

Minecraft has two enchantments that are exclusive to the Fishing Rod item. Besides them, there are three more that can potentially be applied.

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea is a fishing enchantment that makes it more likely that you will fish up better items when you pull your cast in. Regularly, you will likely find fish or “garbage” items like Leather Boots, but with this enchantment, you will get more Enchantment Books, enchanted Bows, Fishing Rods, and Saddles. Getting the level three version of Luck of the Sea is our best recommendation if you are trying to get enchantments for other items.


Lure is the second exclusive Fishing Rod enchantment and makes it, so you get bites much faster than without it. Normally, you can wait upwards of 30 seconds before being able to reel in an item, but with the level three version on your rod, you will be pulling them in within seconds of casting out. Combine this with Luck of the Sea for a speedy way to gather experience and items.

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment that you might encounter on a Fishing Rod that you fish out of water. Like other curses, it is not a positive thing to have. If you die with this in your inventory, it will disappear and not fall to the ground with your other items like normal.

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Mending is one of the most important enchantments in the game because it essentially gives any item immortality. When you pick up experience orbs with this on, that item will repair itself slightly. Put this on a Fishing Rod, and it will never break as long as you are pulling in items.


Unbreaking adds to the durability of your items by giving them a better chance not to lose any health when used. Combine this with Mending for an even better chance of never needing to acquire another Fishing Rod.