What does the Lure enchantment do in Minecraft?

For when the fish just aren’t biting fast enough.

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Fishing in Minecraft is an excellent method for quickly gathering various items and experience orbs. You toss your line out into any water source block and have the chance to catch items such as fish, leather armor, enchantment books, and quite a bit more. If you are not the most patient person though, fishing can be tedious and boring. Luckily, some enchantments can expedite the process and make it feel like less of a waste of time. Here is what the Lure enchantment does in Minecraft and how you can get it.

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What does the Lure enchantment do?

Lure is an enchantment that can only be applied to Fishing Rods in Minecraft. It decreases the amount of time you need to wait before getting a bite while fishing. While a regular Fishing Rod can take up to 30 seconds for a single bite, a rod with Lure III can pull in items about every three to five seconds. While fishing wait times can be decreased by picking spots not in direct sunlight or moonlight, enchanting your rod with Lure is the most effective way to speed up the fishing process.

It is important to note that Lure does not have any effect on the type of items you pull in. For that, you will need Luck of the Sea. Combine Lure III with Luck of the Sea III and Mending I, and you have the best possible Fishing Rod that will not break while you are fishing, but also give you more rare items at a faster rate.

How to get the Lure enchantment?

To get the Lure enchantment, you will need to acquire it either by fishing it up or purchasing it at an Enchantment Table for experience levels and Lapis Lazuli. Once you have the book, you can use an Anvil to put it on a Fishing Rod and speed up the fishing process.