All food cooking times in Sea of Thieves

Do you like seafood?

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Food in Sea of Thieves is your ticket to maintaining proper health while out on the waters. Whether you have been bitten by a shark, stabbed by a skeleton, or shot by another player, a quick snack can help you restore health when you have taken damage. While you can load up on bananas and other raw food, cooked food actually gives you the most restored health. Here is how long it takes to cook each food item in Sea of Thieves.

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Cooking times for all food items in Sea of Thieves

For any of the below items, you can place them on the frying pan in the hull of your ship or at a campfire. The stove in your ship will always be the more reliable cooking location because campfires require wooden planks to fuel and can not be used during rain storms.

When you have your cooking location, choose the food you want to cook and place it on the pan. Pay close attention to it. Eating it raw will just make you sick. If you take it off too early it will be undercooked and make you sick, but still get a little bit of health. Too long and it will burn, look charred and not give as much health. Finding that middle ground is how to get the most out of your food with health recovery both immediately and over time. Here are the best cooking times.

  • Normal-sized fish – 30 seconds
  • Animal meat (chicken, pork, shark, or snake) – 60 seconds
  • Trophy fish – 90 seconds
  • Kraken or Megalodon – 120 seconds

With fruit and bait, you can cook them but they will immediately go from uncooked to burnt after ten seconds. Also, the color of the food will slowly change on the food, but if you are timing yourself and take it off shortly after reaching the times above you are golden.