Sea of Thieves Kraken Guide: How to Find and Beat the Monster

The Kraken is one of Sea of Thieves most dangerous and illusive beasts.

It was meant to be a difficult-to-find, hard-to-beat monster that drags enemies down without a moments hesitation. But mere hours after the game was released, one streamer had already found and defeated a Kraken by teaming up with a bunch of other players.

The Kraken is a force of nature and requires extensive planning to fight. Be sure to stock up on a bunch of cannonballs, planks, and bananas before going off in search of the beast. If you run out of supplies, chances are you will drown way before you even come close to defeating it. Here’s what we know so far about finding and fighting the Kraken. We’ll update this guide as more players join the game and we learn more.

Is there a way to find the Kraken?

There doesn’t seem to be any distinct way to find the Kraken in Sea of Thieves. Its location is hard to pin down and could require you to aimlessly float through the world until it spawns. The Kraken seems to appear more when there are a large group of ships around in a single area. But this method has yet to be proven.

You know when a Kraken is about to attack your ship when the sea around you turns from a bright blue color to a murky black. This change opens up a small time window to escape from the beast before your ship gets locked in the black sea and becomes unable to move until you either defeat the Kraken or it pulls you into the ocean’s depths along with your ship, crew, and all of your treasure.

How to fight the Kraken

The fight begins when the Kraken’s tentacles rises into the air from the ocean’s depths.

To deal damage to the Kraken, you need to target its tentacles one by one, hitting them with cannonballs, pistols, and other weapons. The Kraken is defeated when all of its tentacles go back underwater and the black murky ocean returns to its normal blue color. You will then be able to finally move your ship once again and explore the world freely.

Be sure to repair your ship

With so much chaos going on while fighting the Kraken, it can be hard to stay aware of your surroundings. You should, however, make sure to keep going below the decks of your ships to repair any damage that the Kraken has caused. Its tentacles are as powerful as cannonballs and can break multiple holes in your ship from a single attack.

Beware of the tentacles with a mouth

These special tentacles can grab players from their ships and keep ahold of them for some time, dealing damage the whole time. The only way to get free from these special tentacles is to have an ally player damage the tentacle enough that it frees you.t.

Prioritize the tentacles wrapped around your ship

Again, awareness of your surroundings is a big thing when going up against the Kraken. At times, the Kraken will wrap a tentacle around your ship, dealing massive damage to it. If you don’t act fast, it will drag you and your ship down into the ocean in a few short seconds.

Grab your sword, your gun, whatever you can and hack at the tentacle until it uncurls itself, allowing you to keep the fight going for a little while longer.

What do I get for beating the Kraken?

In the current state of the game, you will only receive an achievement as proof of your survival against the beast of legend.

Rare has said that it plans to look at ways of improving the Kraken after launch and has also hinted at the possibility of a quest giver devoted entirely to Kraken hunting. Until that day, however, the achievement will serve as a constant reminder that you are a legend among pirates in the Sea of Thieves.

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