All Forerunner artifact locations in Halo Infinite

You’ll want a Wasp.

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Halo Infinite is a game that’s jam-packed with collectibles, easter eggs, and achievements. With just a simple stroll around its open world, you could stumble upon enemies to slay, Spartan Cores to grab, or Mjolnir Armory lockers to open. However, there’s one type of collectible that’s a little harder to find, and that’s the Forerunner Archive artifacts. With only seven in the entirety of the open world, this guide will help you find them all in no time. To start, some tips and recommendations.

First, you can only do this after the entire map has opened up to you. If you attempt to get the artifacts before, the right side of the map will be unavailable to you.

Second, we recommend you wait until you have taken all of the FOBs back from the Banished. The more FOBs you have, the more fast traveling locations available to you.

Lastly, use a Wasp. If you have earned enough valor points throughout the game, you will be able to call one in at the FOBs. Waiting till you have access to one will significantly shorten the time needed to obtain all the artifacts.

Artifact I

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The first Forerunner artifact is in the upper left area of the map, right next to where you can assist the Harpoon Squad in their fight against the Banished. In terms of FOBs, grab a Wasp from FOB Charlie, then fly up the mountain to the right.

Artifact II

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The second Forerunner artifact is located in the very top-left area of the map. It is above a body of water and down to the right from Outpost Tremnis. Once you get to Outpost Tremnis, you will have to grapple out and head down the cliffs towards the marker shown above.

Artifact III

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The third Forefunner artifact sits far to the left in the lower part of the map. This artifact can be found down and to the left of Ransom Keep. This keep is also your closest fast travel point. Once there, you will have to walk towards the marker on the map above and grapple yourself up a cliff to reach the artifact.

Artifact IV

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The fourth Forerunner artifact is to the right of where you just spawned at Ransom Keep. For this artifact, we recommend you fast travel to FOB Golf. Once there, you will grab a Wasp and navigate your way up the mountain to the right. Once at the top, you will see the Forerunner artifact.

Artifact V

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The fifth Forerunner artifact is located in the middle area of the map. To obtain this artifact, we recommend you fast travel to FOB Juliet. Next, grab a Wasp and fly your way up the mountain to the right. However, keep an eye out for Banshees, as there are many in this area.

Artifact VI

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The sixth Forerunner artifact has a few fast travel options. It is located slightly up and between both FOB Golf and FOB Hotel. Therefore, you can grab a Wasp from either. Just remember to fly right if leaving from Golf, or left if coming from Hotel.

Artifact VII

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The seventh and final Forerunner Artifact is found on the far right area of the map. It is pretty hard to miss if you fast travel to FOB November. Once there, grab a Wasp and head straight up till you reach the marker on the map above.