All Frog colors in Minecraft


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You can find several types of frogs in Minecraft following the 1.19 update, the Wild. Now, you can find warm frogs, add them to your collection and let them wander around your farmland. Because there are several types of frogs, there are multiple frog colors to make it easy to identify which ones you need to find. In this guide, we will cover all frog colors and their various uses in Minecraft.

All frog colors

You can find three types of frogs following Minecraft’s 1.19 update.

Green Frog

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The Green appears in the colder temperatures and any location with snow, such as frozen rivers, snowy beaches, the Deep Dark, end midlands, cold oceans, and multiple other sites. You can attempt to breed a frog in any of these environments to spawn a green frog.

Orange Frog

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Next, we have the Orange Frog. You can find this one in the Temperate climates throughout your Minecraft world, such as the beaches, Birch forests, dark forests, Meadows, Plains, Swamps, Dripstone Caves, Lush Caves, and they have the chance to appear in Stony Peaks, Cold Oceans, and Deep Cold Oceans.

White Frog

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The final frog color you can try to spawn is the White Frog, which appears in a warm climate. You can find a warm environment in any jungle, savanna, desert, badlands, the Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forest, Nether Wests, Mangrove Swamp, or the Warped Forest.

You’ll want to have at least one frog in your Minecraft world, especially if you’re trying to unlock all three froglight colors. You can do this by having your frog eat a magma cube. The white frog makes the pearlescent froglight, the orange frog makes the ochre froglight, and the green frog makes the verdant froglight.