All Golden Week Sale Legend skins and cosmetics in Apex Legends

Golden Week is here.

Golden Week Sale

The War Games event has come to a close, and Season 8: Mayhem is winding down to a close with one last promotion. The Golden Week sale lasts until the season ends and has cosmetics themed around the Japanese holiday. This is perfect timing, too, as new Legend, Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara, debuting on May 4, is Japanese. Let’s take a look at all the cosmetics that Golden Week has to offer to Apex Legends players.

All Golden Week Cosmetics

Aside from a single weapon charm that can be equipped with any weapon, the cosmetics for this event are only for two Legends. Golden Week has two Legendary-tier skins for Bloodhound and Octane, along with a banner frame with variants for each of them.

There is a bundle selling all cosmetics together, a bundle for both Octane Items, a bundle for both Bloodhound items and a bundle of the weapon charm, and 10 regular Apex Packs. The Legendary-tier Legend skins, however, can also be purchased individually. The other items cannot be.

Oni’s Shadow (Legendary Octane skin)

Oni's Shadow
Screenshot by Gamepur

Royal Livery (Legendary Bloodhound skin)

Royal Livery
Screenshot by Gamepur

Sacred Gate (Epic Banner Frame, Octane and Bloodhound variants)

Sacred Gate (both versions)
Image via Respawn

Carp-e Diem Weapon Charm

Carp-e Diem
Screenshot by Gamepur