All Great Library instruction manual pages in Tunic

It’s a library, so there should be lots of reading and writing, right?

Image via Finji

It’s fitting that Tunic’s Great Library has its own batch of instruction manual pages to collect — it’s a center of reading and learning, after all. The trio of pages in the Great Library is one of the most important collections in the whole game, too: it contains maps of some endgame areas like The Quarry, The Old Burying Ground, and The Cathedral.

Instruction manual pages like those found in the East Forest and Under the Well are some of Tunic’s most invaluable collectibles, offering information on important combat maneuvers and other tips. Unlike the Overworld instruction manual pages, everything you need in the Great Library is one convenient location — the same room, in fact. Here’s where to find them.

Pages #1, #2, & #3

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you get through the Ruined Atoll and ascend to the Great Library, you’ll climb inside the building through a window. Head up the stairs in this first chamber to reach a ladder leading outside. Circle the building to climb into workshop area — you’ll know you’re in the right place when you’ve found a room filled with chalkboards and scattered books. Inside this room are three glass tubes containing the pages you need. Smash each one with your sword to claim the collectibles inside.