All Half-a-Mind locations in Hollis Classroom in Psychonauts 2

Increase your maximum health.

Psychonauts 2 Half-a-Minds in Hollis Classroom

Image via Double Fine Productions

There are several collectibles you can find throughout the many levels of Psychonauts 2. One of the more useful collectibles are the Half-a-Minds. When you find a pair of them in a level and sync them together, they give you another brain on your health bar, making it more difficult for you to lose and have to start over. This guide details where you can find all the Half-a-Mind locations in Hollis’ Classroom in the game.

Hollis’ Classroom essentially serves as the introduction to several new collectibles. The Half-a-Minds are introduced in this level, so completing this set is a good way to receive a decent health boost early in the Psychonauts 2. The first Half-a-Mind location happens when you enter the hospital after you’ve completed the X-ray platform.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second half of the Half-a-Mind collectible is not far away. It’s in the same room. First, you want to find the Disgust thought balloon and then connect it to the Victory one. From there, follow the thought bubble connections to the top of the room, and the second half of the Half-a-Mind collectible will be on the platform.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have both collectibles, you’ll receive your second brain, increasing your maximum health. You can find more Half-a-Mind collectibles on other levels.