All Halo Infinite game modes, explained

What game modes are coming to Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite tech preview

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is set to have plenty of things for you to do when the game launches to PC and Xbox consoles. Right now, the expected release date is sometime in holiday 2021. While the release date has not been hammered out, developers 343 Industries have been eagerly sharing with players what they’ll be able to do when the game arrives. These are all of the game modes you can play in Halo Infinite.


Halo Infinite will have a standard campaign. However, when the game launches, you will only be able to play the single-player version. A cooperative version of the campaign where you’ll be able to play with friends is arriving during Halo Infinite’s season two portion of multiplayer, with the first one happening on launch day. These seasons are expected to last for three months, so a co-op campaign mode won’t release until spring 2022.


Multiplayer will be available on launch day for Halo Infinite. It features a wide variety of game modes for you to compete against friends and battle it out against other players online. The multiplayer program will be broken up into seasons, with each season containing a variety of rewards. If you miss a season of Halo Infinite, you can choose to return to that season at any time. For example, if the game is in its fourth season, you can receive the rewards for season two instead.


The creative Forge mode is also coming to Halo Infinite, but not on launch day. Instead, the 343 team shared that, similar to Infinite’s co-op campaign mode, Forge mode will release post-launch during Halo Infinite’s season three for multiplayer. With each season lasting three months, Forge mode is expected to release sometime in summer 2022.