Henchmen locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

It’s never easy finding good henchmen

Fortnite Chapter 2’s new Season 2 brings with it new challenges to compete and a brand new theme. This time around, the game is focusing on spies, and you cannot do anything with spies without having henchmen. Some of the challenges in Fortnite right now highlight you dealing damage to these henchmen, and locating them is not as easy as it could be, but when you do find them, they’re extremely easy to take down. You can even disguise yourself to look like them.

You can find them in these new points of interest all over the game:

  • The Agency, the middle of the map
  • The Yacht, the top of the map to the northeast
  • The Oil Rig, to the bottom of the map to the southwest
  • The Shark, the top of the map to the northwest
  • The Grotto, the middle of the map to the east

You can visit any of these locations and find an army of henchmen for you to take out. Several of them, such as the Grotto and the Shark, have other challenges attached to them, such as looting ammo crates or chests at them or doing 2,000 damage to henchmen who operate there. Of the locations, The Agency likely has the most foot traffic given it’s right in the middle of the map. It contains some of the best gear.

In every location, you can find a boss henchmen. You can find that if you take out, drops a worthwhile keycard you can use on a crate to gain some serious loot. If you land in any of these places, prepare to fight not only the NPCs but any other players who potentially land there with you.