How to disguise yourself in a Phone Booth in Different Matches in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

When you need to be sneaky, just throw on a disguise.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has arrived, bring all sorts of changes to the game. The central Eye Land is now the Agency headquarters, there is a whole new Battle Pass to rank up, and of course, plenty of new challenge and mechanics to enjoy.

One of the things you can do this season is to disguise yourself in a phone booth in different matches. It will give you a whole new look and is very important for completing some of the challenges, such as opening doors with ID scanners.

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To disguise yourself as a henchman, you will need to find a phone box. It might sound odd, but if you find a phonebox, you can interact with it to go inside, then come back out dressed up as a henchman.

The easiest place to find a phonebox is on the central Eye Land, now the Agency headquarters, or on the Yacht in the top right section of the map. This place is swarming with Henchman, who will open fire on you, so head around to the south side of the building, and you will find a phonebox. Step inside, and you will become a henchman. The illusion is lost when you open fire on someone, so be careful.

It can be a good way to get around some areas in the game if you want to be quiet, but remember that other players will still cut you down, as one of the challenges this week is to do damage to Henchmen.

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