All hidden Reaper Scouts locations in Sea of Thieves: The Herald of the Flame Adventure

Ghostly birbs.

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The Herald of the Flame Adventure in Sea of Thieves has more than a dozen hidden collectibles to find scattered across a few islands in the Devil’s Roar. Fortunately, the Roar itself is inactive, so there’s no risk of volcanic interruptions to your questing. This guide covers how to find the three Reaper Scout spirit birds in the earlier portions of the activity.

Where to find Reaper Scouts in the Herald of the Flame Adventure

The Reaper Scouts are spirit parrots that tend to hang out near Pendragon, one of the quest NPCs for this Adventure. You’ll want to find each Scout as you progress through the early stages of the Adventure, as once you’re deep into the activity, backtracking is a slow and tedious process.

First Reaper Scout Location

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The first Reaper Scout is on the northern tip of the Devil’s Thirst, where you’ll head after meeting with Belle on the island of Liar’s Backbone. If you approach the island from the north, you’ll see Pendragon waving a ghostly green lantern high. Speak to him to acquire the Spirit Latern, then look directly behind him with the lantern lit to find the first Scout.

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Second Reaper Scout Location

The second Reaper Scout is in a rocky alcove near the volcano to the south. Head south down the western side of the Devil’s Thirst, and keep your Spectral Lantern aloft, as the second of Sticher Jim’s visions is on the way to the Scout.

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Go east beyond the second vision to a large area with a volcano to your south. Continue east through the pathway, then turn right into a small, somewhat cramped area.

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Raising your lantern here reveals another of Stitcher Jim’s visions, and on the rocks directly across from the vision is the second Reaper Scout.

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Third Reaper Scout Location

Speak to Pendragon near the third Sticher Jim vision to get Pendragon’s Map, which shows you the location of the Sun Vault Totem Key on Ashen Reach, an island southwest of the Devil’s Thirst. Note that the Key’s location is random, so it won’t necessarily be in the same place shown below.

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Sail to Ashen Reach and dig up the Key, then head to the island’s northwest side until you reach a cave in the cliff face. Inside you’ll meet Pendragon again, and nearby will be a spot to place the Sun Vault Totem Key. Just above where you put the Key is the third and final Reaper Scout.

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With all three Reaper Scouts found, you can continue the Adventure to find the remaining Sticher Jim Visions and the three Sticher Jim journals.