All HuniePop 2: Double Date costume codes

Alternative costumes.


HuniePop 2 is nearly here. The developers have shared they are 96 percent of the way done with the game, and are almost ready to provide accurate information surrounding the game’s long-awaited arrival. To celebrate its impending release, the creators have released a variety of codes for alternative costumes the female characters can wear in the game. The developers use a twitter account based on one of the main characters from the first game, who is returning to the second. You can follow the Twitter account at @huniekyu to learn more about the updates. Unfortunately, while the game is 96 percent of the way finished, the developers are still not ready to discuss the game’s official release date. They plan to do that when they reach 98 percent.

To input the code, all you have to do is visit the ‘code’ icon the main title screen, type in the information, and then hi the submit code button.

Here are the three available codes that were shared by the account:

  • Ashley, Clamouflage: Sisters in Legs
  • Lola, Afrikini: Caffeine Queen
  • Polly, Tuxedo: Excuse Me Its Sir
  • Zoey, Scarehoe: Always Stick It In Crazy
  • Lailani, Koimono: Yellow Tuberculosis
  • Sarah, Cow Girl: Mooooooooooooo
  • Jessie, Naughty List: Checking her out twice
  • Lillian Candy Corn: Lick or eat smell her feet

Make sure to save these codes when the game releases to use them to equip to the female characters.

We can expect even more in the future. Should we learn of any other costume codes, you can expect this page to receive an update. When the game does release it’ll be coming to the PC on Steam.